1. D

    nice w111 280 se coupe left hand drive

    Mercedes 280SE Coupe W111 **NO RESERVE** | eBay
  2. D

    W111 repair sections

    Hi Guys, this my 1 st post here I'm from Australia and have a 61 w111 sedan and was looking to see if rust repair sections are made for these models. ? as normal I need a lot of section guards, sills. floors etc and before I made them from scratch thought I would look to see if there was any...
  3. T

    W111 sedan - buying advice please

    Hi Folks, coming back into the fold hopefully. Seen a nice 1964 W111 fintail sedan 220 for sale. Is there anyone I can speak to about these? Or any good online buyers guides? Thanks in advance.
  4. D

    possible w111 convertible or chopped coupe or saloon on ebay with v8 engine

    Mercedes Benz 280 SE | eBay
  5. I

    Lovely W111 Resto Job - US Ebay

    Mercedes Benz 200 Series 220SEB Coupe with RARE 4 SPD Manual Trans | eBay Once again the Yanks demonstrate that they've enough film in the camera! (Wait for the loading and scroll down)
  6. I

    Nice W111 on US Ebay

    Mercedes Benz 300 Series 300SE Coupe Top of The Line Model | eBay
  7. I

    W126 sec or W111

    In very good condition, left or right hand drive, leather or cloth, distance no object. Not astral silver or blue black, sorry. Cash paid, but lots to px if required. Maybe 111 coupe wanted as an alternative. Cheers, Paul
  8. I

    Gorgeous W111 Coupe - US Ebay

    Mercedes Benz 200 Series 280SE Low Grill Sunroof Coupe | eBay I prefer the low grill, it adds a certain something to the look. Hard to beat as best large coupe ever - I'm calling the W128 medium sized! F/S 1960 Mercedes 220SE 2 Dr Coupe 1 of 830 Produced - Rennlist Discussion Forums
  9. gaz_l

    W111 4.5 - was there such a thing?

    Mercedes-Benz 280SE 4.5 V8 **Collectors Classic** For Sale (1972) on Car And Classic UK [C571520] Cheers, Gaz
  10. A

    w111 rear brakes help please

    Evening. Can anyone help me out with identifying the rear calipers on a 280se w111 3.5 coupe please? My car is without. I imagine they are the same calipers as on other mercs of the era? A nudge in the right direction would be great, whether a part number or a model number of another merc...
  11. D

    w111 low miles coupe

    Mercedes W111 Coupe. 220 se. 1964 LHD. Very low miles not Pagoda.Zero Rust | eBay
  12. grober

    What is it about W111's that makes them cool

    I can't quite put my finger on it. What makes W111's so cool? Is it the abundance of chrome, the vertical headlights, that burbling V8, the big white steering wheel, the Paul Bracq bodywork who knows but it works. :cool: [YOUTUBE HD]yEHRTXaPgJI[/YOUTUBE HD]
  13. D

    w111 220 se with mot and needing some restoration offered at a good price

    1961 MERCEDES 220 CREAM | eBay
  14. D

    very good eurpean 250 se convertible w111

    1966 Mercedes 250se Convertible 75,000 kilometers 220se 250se 280se 300se 230sl | eBay
  15. R

    Spark Present but not when Cranking w111

    Hope one of you gents can shed light on this problem. I am trying to test a 220 engine from a 1964 220SE w111. I'm using the electrics from another old Merc to supply the spark. So, I've basically wired up the starter and coil from the other car. I find that I can see a spark on the plugs when...
  16. Z

    Restoration of a 220 SEb Coupé

    Hoping someone can help me with this one. I would need diagrams of the chassis of a 220 SEb Coupé. My dad is restoring one of these and I would like to help him with finding some technical data of the chassis. Does anyone have a pdf version of these diagrams or frame charts? I've found some...
  17. guydewdney

    W111 advice....

    w111 saloon, bench seat, column shift manual :crazy: rhd, maltese import, diesel convert, 5 grand, no mot or uk reg. 1962, so no seatbelt requirements. Rust on rear foot of sills and usual spare wheel well. Yeah, nay?
  18. D

    mercedes w111 coupe/convertible

    does anybody know if there has been ever a version made for US market with 280 se 4.5, i know about 280 se 3.5 which european and also american. the 450 engine was later used on the w107 sl and w116 saloon. but i wondered if any were produced and if they did are they rarest that can be...
  19. benzers

    Mercedes W111 Chrome Trim Needed

    Hi, Looking for a W111 Fintail 220 sedan 1965- chrome trim exterior, any or all of the parts would be really helpful. thank you in advance. benjamin
  20. B

    1964 MERCEDES 220 FINTAIL W111 Heckflosse

    Freely confess I know nothing about these cars, so apologies if this is a scam/shed/vehicular equivalent of a swamp donkey..... ....but I love it :rock: See post below for working link. doh
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