1. S

    Mercedes W112 rare limousine owned by Idi Amin

    A near to impossible find. This is the Ultra rare W112 Limousine arguably the only one left in the world out of a few ever made.
  2. M

    Wanted 1966 w112 air suspension and other parts

    Hi, I am looking for a rear air suspension bracket for a 1966 w112 300SE coupe which the rear air levelling valve bolts to. I understand the actual bracket is welded to the underside of the boot floor. I have the rear air levelling valve and I believe that this bracket is shared with the w109...
  3. D

    w112 300 se convertible floor shift prototype

    it is claimed this car was rhd in the process of being converted into lhd included in the sale a coupe which parts can be used to change the car into rhd again, and restore, i doubt the rhd car come with papers or engine inside. it might be good project for somebody to restore the 2 into one...
  4. D

    w112 300 se convertible

    1963 Mercedes Benz 300SE convertible | eBay
  5. A

    Determining a fair price for a NOS W112 hight control valve

    All, I have a NOS W112 height control valve that i'd like to sell and have been approached by a few people on the MB forums (not this one). As i'm not familiar with the W112, i'd like to get an idea of what would be a fair price for one of these valves. Can anyone help here?
  6. P

    W112 300se restoration

    Hi all, first of all, I know that this is not the correct forum but since I do not have 30 posts I have to post it here for the time being. Nevertheless, I understand that some of you are curious about the advance of the restoration project of my 300se fintail. Here's how far I am at the...
  7. P

    w112 engine restoration

    Hi all, since the w112 has the appropriate reputation of being a guzzler, do you have any ideas of how to reduce the fuel consumption considreably? how about changing the injectors - to which ones in that case? changing to electronic ignition, would that help? thanks for all comments
  8. P

    w112 interior restoration

    hi there, I have to replace the interior roof trim of the 300se fintail. do you have a contact to a professional who has the reputation of doing a good job? also I need to have the seams on the seats redone since the threads have hardened and break when one sits on them. Any names, addresses...
  9. EDZ649

    Very pretty W112

    MERCEDES BENZ W112 300SE CONVERTIBLE 1964 on eBay (end time 06-Oct-10 18:17:59 BST)
  10. V12


    Bit bored so i'll share my day with ya Had a W112 (1962) 300se come in today (for breaking). We have a few classics come in, in pretty bad shape, but after 10 mins work, we got it running... Has no bodywork at all, and the suspension is non-exsistent, but after all these years, the...
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