1. S

    Wheel options for w114

    Need some advice please on wheel options. I would like to replace the 14 x 5.5 inch wheels on my 1973 W114 coupe. Current tyre size is standard 175/80R14. Can anyone suggest what my options are without adjusting offset, etc?
  2. M

    New member with a W114 coupe project

    Hi there, I've been lurking for while and thought I'd better intoduce myself. I currently have a W114 coupe which is undergoing restoration in Poland. I'll create a new project thread and post some photos soon. All the best, Surj.
  3. K


    Hi, Does anyone know where I could get a repair kit for the clutch cylinder on the above car , it's a 1973 model . MB say they no longer supply the kit but can supply a new cylinder for around £80. Ta Donald
  4. J

    W114, W115, Parts

    Greeting Stroke-Eighters, I have a few more parts for disposal..2 x front wings and bonnet in grey primer...no rust, dents or dings. Excellent dashboard from a 240D currently on Ebay item No 272558841234 and a complete steering column from a series 2 also on Ebay itenm No 272558850212 plus a...
  5. Petesnas

    Wow!!!!.....gorgeous W114 coupe!!

  6. A

    W114 W115 Steering Wheel Pre-73

    I'm after an early steering wheel to suit my 280CE W114, including the boss. Struggling to find with Boss and without severe damage. Thanks Andy
  7. O

    Mirror W114 280C Coupe 1974->

    I have been looking a mirror and triangle window on the RIGHT side for my W114 280C Coupe 1974. On the picture you can see the "style" of mirror on the left side. Hope you guys could help me :thumb:
  8. Charles Morgan

    Urgent - W114 250ce suspension settings

    Trying very hard but not succeeding in finding all the necessary tracking and geometry data for my W114 1970 250CE. Does anyone at all have it available that they could share with me? I'd be really grateful - we need it to adjust all the newly installed suspension. Cheers Charles
  9. J

    W114 W115 Parts

    Greetings Fellow Stroke Eights... I am busily reducing a W114 coupe down to the molecular level in order to have a stock of parts to keep my W114 250 CE on the road for a number of years. This "scrapper" came with a rebuilt , 2 litre diesel engine, bits from a 240D, Chrome and bits from...
  10. s2oty

    W114 coupe on a w208 chas sis - is it possible?!

    I'm scared to post this incase I get shot down! The question is: is it possible to take the body from a W114 coupe and sit it on a w208 chassis? I miss the looks of my 1972 250ce. I love my 430clk and whilst mechanically and chassis wise it's excellent - the clk bodywork is truly...
  11. J

    What fog lights for W114 280CE

    Hi, I have a W114 280CE minus the fog lights. Can anyone help me with what are the correct ones to put on and what size they are? thank you in advance.
  12. V

    W114 280C Exhaust Replacement

    Hello I have recently purchased a W114 280 freshly imported from Arizona and unfortunately it is in dire need of a complete new exhaust system. Where my problem starts is that it, bizarrely, instead of having 2 manifolds covering 3 cylinders each, 2 downpipes to the centre box and 2...
  13. Charles Morgan

    W114 250 owners - fuse box and relays area, your photos please

    Quick appeal to any W114/W115 owners here - could you take some photos of the fuse box area so I can see how it all fits together - I forgot to do this before it was stripped, and consequently I have a box of bits, wires and relays without any guide as to how it all goes back together! I've...
  14. S

    Electric windows W114

    Recently bought a 1969 W114 250C coupe in need of TLC or full resto.... not decided yet.... BUT one of the rear windows is stuck in down position... i.e its open. The car is imported from US and suffered fire damage in engine bay so all the wiring is toast....(am definitely gonna need...
  15. Charles Morgan

    W114 CV joint bush crimping tool

    Does anyone know the correct tool to crimp the following bushing of the CV joint on my W114 coupe?
  16. Charles Morgan

    W114 M114 (250) water pump pulley wanted

    self explanatory, looking to find the v belt pulley for the water pump and viscous fan of an M114 250 engine.
  17. S


    Hi guys just purchased my first MB a W114 2.2 with only 10k on the clock, I have had a passion for this car for many years, still can't believe I own one but my god do I have my work cut out, well cutting the rust away Will start a build thread very soon and thanks for adding me to the group.
  18. Charles Morgan

    Finding a part for my W114 - where to look?

    My 5 speed gearbox is missing a part, A1152607737, which is the lever that shifts between 3rd and 4th. I have tried Inchcape but no joy, a search is being done at another MB parts supplier just in case. I have looked at Niemoller, DB Depot, SLS, MB classics, Glauner, Classic Mercedes. I'll...
  19. I

    280CE Restoration -W114

    Hello, I am going to be attempting to restore a 1973 280CE. This will be my first full-on restoration project. The main goal of the project is to end up with a solid and reliable everyday classic, finished to a high standard. I am not chasing perfection or trying to restore the car to...
  20. R

    W114 - 280ce. Looking for parts for seat locks

    First time user here. I have a 1973 MB 280CE which I am restoring. I need a new set of bellows for the front seat vacuum locks (I need 8 bellows in all). The complete vacuum actuator units (there are two, one fitted to the underside of each front seat) are numbered 88 457 013 and I think...
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