1. K

    w116: Bono's cow-hide interior

    Bonos vintage 1980s Mercedes 450 Perhaps better described as an interior suggesting a field where a cow stood.
  2. K

    1973 w116 350SE 23k miles

    Mercedes-Benz 350 SE | eBay Pictures appear to have been taken near a PoW camp.
  3. Bryn320

    Mercedes W116 280S RHD rare

    just got a W116 280S from SA, no rust at all 100k on the clock 76 model, just registered it and told by DVLA this is the only one registered in the UK, probably in Europe also as a RHD, apparently only the 280SE was sold here. anybody know any different, these were sold to SA and AUS...
  4. merc85

    W116 milan brown 280se

    Hi does anyone know this car? looks lovely,Ref n/s Bulk head do you think thats been repaired? hard to tell from image. Also the interior is a different colour. Mercedes 280 SE | eBay
  5. C

    Does anyone know this w116?

    Looks great in my eyes, has it been previously discussed? Mercedes 450SEL 1975 W116 | eBay What are these cars like as an ownership proposition. I'm not hands-on as such so would be reliant on a decent indie for general maintenance? Are many parts now NLA, trim especially? Plus it will be...
  6. I

    Best W116 colour?!

    Very hard to beat this, in my opinion. Mercedes Benz s Class 450 Sel | eBay If only it had red leather!
  7. biggy199

    Mercedes W116

    Hi all First post although I was a member a few years ago but unable to remember log in details! I’m currently in the process of restoring a W116 280se 1977 and I’m struggling to find a driver’s side front wing. I was just wondering if anyone had one? or can recommend a parts supplier?
  8. merc85

    w116 Milan brown anyone know the car?

    This vehicle/model in the same colour is what got myself and my dad into Merc's many years ago. Does anyone know this car or seen it? im wondering about a project just wondering how far gone this one is. Mercedes 1980 280se W116 project in Bronze Metallic | eBay
  9. I

    W116 Windscreen Fitting Vid - Superb

  10. Del80y

    350 se w116

    As Above Mercedes 350 SE W116 | eBay
  11. mercmush

    w116 350 SEL for sale

  12. K

    KGB Youngtimer: w116 in black

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1978-Mercedes-Benz-280-/231697257428?hash=item35f23b93d4 A study in the common 1970s Mercedes theme of the partially luxurious S- Class...MB tex and wind-up windows. And all on the orders of a State. The trader seller seems a tad confused, calling the interior...
  13. D

    Mint W116 Mercedes 450SEL

    What a beauty.... 1980 MERCEDES 450 SEL AUTO GREEN | eBay
  14. K

    w116 350SE "museum" piece...

    MERCEDES 350 SE AUTO SILVER garage barn find dry stored must see!! Classic merc | eBay Vendor previously advertised with buy it now non-carrot of £12k and "make offer" of which there was one (declined). Now selling with no reserve.
  15. I

    W116 Screen fitting help/advice

    Hi All, I have new rubbers and a rear screen without de-lamination, I just don't have the courage to try and fit it myself. Has anyone done this or does anyone know of someone who can - more to the point, perhaps Cheers, Paul
  16. K

    w116 280SE 1980

    Mercedes-Benz 280 | eBay These cars are getting scarce and rust is an infamous issue, but this one might be ok-ish considering "full body renovation and respray four years ago": someone has spent money albeit standard unknown. Rare option of ac (for a 280 especially) and I've been advised it...
  17. merc85

    Trace that Mercedes w116 / w126

    Hi there, I was just wondering if anyone on here knows if these two cars still exist? they belonged to my dad and were the reason i took up Mercedes ownership. It was a few years ago but here they are, w116 280se Reg WFR612V met milan brown w126 380se Reg A262NJO thistle Green met Green...
  18. V

    Genuine Boxed w116 V8 timing cover

    I have a genuine boxed [box is tatty and has been opened] unused unfitted W116 V8 3.5 timing cover including chain and some guides. £400 posted anywhere in mainland uk. International postage will be more I cannot amend my details but I'm located in Norwich Norfolk not usa. Thanks
  19. I

    W116 280 storage/help/parts?

    Hi All, I bought a rear screen from a chap a few weeks ago for a 116. The donor car has to be moved within a couple of weeks or be scrapped. The screen was to be fitted to the donor car, but the owner passed way. I was in a hurry at the time and not feeling at my best - it was also...
  20. I

    W116 Rear Screen + rubbers (front and rear)

    Hi, I need a non-delaminated rear screen and any rubbers or front rear, doors, boot, etc. I have some seats and chrome, lights etc. Thanks. Cheers, Paul
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