1. M

    The Yellow W123 V8 560E

    Another refresh of the paintwork..
  2. Screwdriver

    W123 300D Air Con Condensor Radiator replacement

    Greetings, My original air con condensing radiator on my 1984 UK 300D has sprung a leak. MB UK no longer sells a replacement so I'm going to have to turn to an OEM supplier. The dealer shared the following part number: A1268300670. I believe the original was made by Hella-Behr? Any...
  3. A

    W123 230e Auto Instrumental Cluster part number

    Hi there, Does anyone know what the part number for an Instrumental cluster on a w123 230e Auto (mine is a 1985)? Mine was changed by a previews owner with one with a part number 123 542 2057. While driving it the speedo is showing speeds 10% faster then it is really doing? Any help will be...
  4. K

    W123: cream buffalo seats

    One owner 67429 miles only For Sale (1983) on Car And Classic UK [C892910]
  5. A

    1984 280CE Advise please?

    Hi, sorry if this type of question was been asked often. I'm inheriting / being given an 1984 280ce with about 100k on the clock. It failed it's last MOT in 2007 due to emissions. It then was taken of the road and stored under a tarp for a few years. The current owner bought it, took the...
  6. K

    w123 280TE air, leather, cruise, heated seats...

    1986 Mercedes 280TE (W123) | eBay Restored and nearly 300k miles.
  7. M

    W123 230CE Serving

    All, I have a W123 230CE in need of a 36k service. I have narrowed down the choices to: Stevensons near Maidstone (Steve Garlick) or Wright Tech UK I am leaning towards Stevenson's even though its further to travel as the phone calls I have had inspired far more confidence...
  8. CLSMark

    Anyone use a w123 as a daily? Or had one

    Since I've moved over to MB I've been boning up on all things Benz, were they really that good? And what was the best/worst variant? Personally I like the C123. I have a fantasy about sticking 6.3 in it, and using it as the ultimate sleeper Sent from my Apple product using Crapatalk
  9. S

    Help, W123 shakes foron startup

    Help, W123 shakes on startup Hello, I am fairly new to this forum and this is my first post. About a month ago I acquired a 1985 w123 230e with 66k on the clock which is a pleasure to drive. In the last week, every time I start it in the morning it starts without a problem but then the revs...
  10. K

    W123 230TE: £23k "7159" miles

    https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C867325 C666NAN is registered as a beige 200T on the MoT history site and having covered c126k at October 2016 : https://www.gov.uk/check-mot-history What's going on with the diabolical grandmother?
  11. T

    Where to get brake caliper parts for W123 / S123

    Hi, I've gradually been going through the brakes of my S123 200T. About 10 years ago it had new brake disks & pads installed at a major service, but the calipers were left unattended - and now the caliper pistons have eventually started to seize. My focus is atm on the front calipers; Bendix...
  12. Jim123

    W123:grating noise coming from the coils?

    Hello, I am a relatively new W123 owner. My car is quite low mileage but it has been in storage for a number of years and barely used. Amongst the problems I am trying to sort out is a ‘raunching/grating noise which comes from the coils (I think) when either stopping sharply or going over a...
  13. Jim123

    W123: intermittent chugging on start up

    Hello, I am a relatively new W123 owner. The car was low mileage (72K when I got it but it had been in storage for a long time). I have had quite a lot of work done on the car in the last 6 months: brakes, fuel tank, fuel lines, exhaust, bodywork and engine decarbonisation and full service...
  14. G

    W123 Transmission

    Morning everybody, So, I've just had a full engine rebuild on my 230te and it runs beautifully and for the first time doesn't leak. But.... The gear changes on the transmission are now all over the place. It'll still change up but only when it gets to 3000 revs. Or alternatively when i lift...
  15. H

    New speedo cable Mercedes W123

    For sale are two speedo cables for all RHD´s 1x A123 542 0707 for all with manual gearbox £25 1x A123 542 1907 for all with automatic gearbox £25
  16. C

    W123 owner in Surrey

    Hey all, I've had a few of the older Mercs in the past (W114, 127 etc) but now just got hold of a W123 300TD in Gold. I seriously have wanted one of these for a long time. I'm seriously into my retro cars, I have a small collection of Datsuns and Nissans. Sorry, that's my thing haha. I'm...
  17. C

    W123 estate tail gate

    Hi, I'm after a W123 estate tailgate. My grandad left me his car and I'm looking at getting it back up to a high standard. Unfortunately the tailgate is past repair. I'm located in Surrey and don't mind travelling to collect. I've rang a couple of the usual breakers already. I'm...
  18. W123chris

    W123 Estate Help

    Hello, I'm hoping somebody a bit more knowledgable could perhaps shed some light on the rough valuation for my car, Im certain shes not worth a fortune and needs slight things here and there but I'm having to sell her now and I don't want to get ripped off as a few folk say she could be worth...
  19. W

    W123 CE/CD/Coupe various rubbers/seals

    Hi guys. i have some left over rubbers for the 123 Coupe out of small series production. These are reproductions of the original seals. - Seals for Sill (also fits to T/TE/Station Wagon and Sedan) - Seals for A-C Pillar - Vertical Seal between both windows - etc. If you have any questions...
  20. M

    Looking for a nice w123 estate

    I would love a nice w123 280TE. Top spec would be nice but I'd love to use one as a daily driver. Needs to look good with hardly any rust (I know). I dont want a show car but one with good mechanicals and that is non leaky is important. Would consider a 230TE but no diesel or smaller petrols...
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