1. rusty55

    w124ce mint condition

    MY brother in laws 1 owner car is this loosely called a barn find may cadge his wheels plus clean number plate?
  2. D

    W124CE pass seat back won't lock

    Hello Have used this resource a lot to keep my 90 300CE-24 COUPE running well but have not yet posted. I have an issue that I cannot find any relevant posts in the achieves and would appreciate any suggestions. There are posts about the general issue but do not seem relevant to my...
  3. d w124

    Ducktail for w124ce

    Mercedes w124 bootlid with 3 part AMG duck tail spolier on eBay (end time 21-Jun-10 06:47:46 BST)
  4. Sp!ke

    Wheels for W124CE wanted

    Its time for new tyres on my W124 and the wheels are in need of a refurb too. So I'm thinking I may as well replace both if something interesting crops up. Prefer 16" or 17", would be a bonus if theres life in the tyres. Anyone upgraded recently and have something suitable left over?
  5. S

    W124CE Wiring Diagram:

    Hi Guys. I have a full half amp drain somewhere on the stuff on fuse 9. Merc dealers wont give me a wiring diagram so I don't know what's on it to eliminate them. It does say on the fuse box lid but I don't think it lists everything. The main deelar said I could get it off there website but I...
  6. S

    W124CE sender unit for the fuel gauge

    I need one of them things that tells the fuel gauge how much is in the tank. I have a 1996 E220 Coupe, faclift model. If anyone has one please PM me. Cheers.
  7. S

    W124CE headlight

    I need a NS headlight for my 1996 E220 Coupe, its the facelift model. anybody got one PM me. Cheers
  8. Swiss Toni

    Mercedes Coupe Advert inc W124CE & CLS

    US Ad for the CLS featuring the line of Mercedes Coupes inc W124CE... Coupes and the 5 Generations of SL Ad (for those who missed it before ;) ) SLx5 :)
  9. hitt

    1992 W124CE Looking Good!

    Any one after a W124 for a tenner haha ok that was the 1st bid, no doubt it will shoot up . . if not its mine! :devil: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=31360&item=4543197174&rd=1
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