1. c55

    W124T Estate S124 Seat 6/7 Mushroom Cream

    W124 Estate Seat 6/7 In mushroom cream Now available due to a complete interior colour swap the following is available: Seat 6/7 in mushroom cream Complete Estate carpet set in mushroom cream Spare wheel cover Sold Cubby box Sold Leather seats in mushroom/ Cream 1, 2 3 & 4 Sold
  2. P

    W124T interior courtesy lights

    Front interior light cluster works ok when front doors open. Don't work when either back door is opened, and rear loadspace lights don't come on at any time - whether for open doors or tailgate. Bulbs are okay. Is there an in-line fuse somewhere? Any other ideas.
  3. J

    self-levelling suspension w124t 4matic

    I just bought my 300TE 4matic last week knowing I was going to have to sort out a few things, one of which is its abysmal ride which is best described as choppy. I noticed that the hydraulic fluid reservoir was very low and the vacuum spheres seem prime candidates for overhaul. However, I...
  4. D

    Wanted luggage cover w124T

    I need a luggage cover(black or dark grey) for my w124 estate. Postage will be required as I live in Turkey. Any item for sale or any idea for free welcome... Regards, Dogan
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