1. D

    crazy price for w129 500sl pre facelift even for a minter

    1991 Mercedes-Benz 500SL - 21,102 Miles From New - FSH - Exceptional | eBay
  2. D

    colour code in w129 chassis number

    any knows which part in the chassis number for w129 car pls anybody knows the code for the types of blue for that chassis pls
  3. R

    W124 lurker 30 post req

    Hello, Long time lurker and now needing to fulfill the 30 post requirement. Interested in all things w124 which also includes w201 and w129 Preferably in the performance and third party market. Lots of projects in the queue waiting, including a turbo technics install.
  4. Darrell

    500sl w129 I think

    I've always liked these so I'm going to start looking for one over the next few months. I would like the 500 but will look at the smaller engines if the condition and price is good. £10000 is the limit. I need some hints, tips and advice please.
  5. J

    Wanted 500 SL w129

    Hi all Wanted early 500sl w129 project welcome let me know what you have. John.
  6. D

    mercedes w129 sl panoramic hard top

    guys i hope somebody can help us a friend just acquired new old stock w129 panoramic sl hard top frame, he has also normal one from which side and back windows rubbers and other bits will come from that. the problem lies with glass on the top any ideas everybody saying it is main dealer part...
  7. A

    W129 sl500

    MERCEDES SL 500 CONVERTIBLE BODY SHELL 1992 WITH V5 | eBay And MoT'd til June! Andy
  8. D

    w129 sl500 engine for sale

    Mercedes R129 500SL CONVERTIBLE V8 ENGINE DONE 90,000 MILES | eBay
  9. D

    can somebody tell what engine is installed in this w129 300 sl

    the chassis no is WDB1290602F045501 owner claim it is 24v although the badge at boot is ordinary 300 sl not the 300 sl 24v pls can somebody confirm as he is not prepared to email pics of engine top!!:wallbash: better still full blown instruction how we can do a self search
  10. D

    cheap w129 500 sl on ebay

    mercedes benz SL500 | eBay
  11. L

    Mystery suspension problem sl320 w129

    Hello, I Wonder if anyone can help. I have a 1998 sl320 with suspension warning lights coming on and off in a bizarre fashion. The car was on blocks for one month early this year, while the wheels were away being refurbished Once the wheels were back on, the ADS light would come on...
  12. D

    cheap w129 500 sl on ebay

    Mercedes SL500 W129 1993 SPARES OR REPAIRS | eBay
  13. D

    w129 with w230 kit lequrish all sorts and non runner

    Mercedes Benz SL 500 silver 69500 Miles Spares or Repair Full Service History | eBay is it true the cat at fault anybody nows
  14. tali

    First rhd w129

    Classic Automobiles | Sales
  15. D

    limp mode in w129 500 sl

    a friend has sl 500 1996 which is playing up, sometimes when starting in cold weather it goes into limp mode, once battery leads disconnected for a period of time then reconnected the car starts ok and drives fine. we thought it was battery was needed changing, once changed everything reset...
  16. mj1313

    Mercedes sl500 w129 1998

    wanted all electrical components behind dash and dash board
  17. D

    mercedes w129 hard top for sale

    a friend is selling, gey/silver/bluish hard top with grey interior, it is complete and glass is intact no damage. £250 for sale. i am keeping the the bag and frame myself for my hardtop to preclude any questions. i am sure u are aware on parts costs if u need bits then u can buy and break and...
  18. nb_racing

    Brand new EZL ignition control pack unit module W140 W129 W124. M119

    Mercedes EZL ignition control pack for 119 V8 engines as found in W140 S Class, W129 SL, W124 E Class etc. Brand new with box. Part number: 0135456332 £300.
  19. IBN

    W129 - Fed up with same old electrical problems

    Hi Sorry but I need advice again. Over the weekend, I got my car (1990 W129 300 SL - US Spec) out of her winter hibernation - started first go, gave her a wash/polish, checked out levels and tyre pressure and was looking forward to topless motoring. BUT on my first run out I suffered two...
  20. D

    w129 hard top soft top clamps above windscreen

    there is two rectangular clamps on the soft and hardtop which get sucked in. my friend hard top does not have the plastic surrond and thus not getting sucked, anybody has any clever ideas, can u buy just the clamps, anybody got a badly damaged hard/soft top from which these clamps can be bought...
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