1. J

    Free - mercedes ml w163 transfer box - a1632800800

    MERCEDES ML W163 TRANSFER BOX - A1632800800 Removed from my ex car. Very good used condition. Approx mileage - 103,000 Miles. Operating smoothly and correctly. All mounting points and lugs intact - no damage, splits or cracks to casing. All threads and splines intact. No play in...
  2. H

    W163 tow bar cover

    Hi, I'm looking for a pre face lift, ie smaller, tow bar cover for a W163 ML if any one can help. Searching auction site with no success. Thanks in advance
  3. P

    Wanted W163 ML55

    Hi,I am looking for a W163 ML55 facelift preferably in silver.
  4. M

    W163 Ventilation fan issues...

    Hi all, my ML has developed issues with the heater fan.. when I turn it on it takes up to 10 minutes to start :mad: and then when I remove the key from the car the fan is still going strong:crazy: I have waited for the car to go to sleep (blank dash) but the fan is still going strong, so I have...
  5. S

    ML W163 97-2005 Rear Spare Wheel Carrier

    Ho folks, just wondered if anyone has one of the swing out rear wheel carriers fitted and would be so kind as to nip out with a tape measure and jot down some dimensions for me, it would be a great help :thumb: Hopefully there will be a picture below with what I need, maybe not, can't use...
  6. D

    W163 replacement tie rod ends O.E manufacturer

    Hi guys does anyone know which company supplied the O.E spec track rod ends on these vehicles?
  7. N

    W163 ML 3rd row 6th & 7th seats with fixings.

    In black or very dark grey leather interior, these are the removable extra seats for the boot area that were an option. In less than 2 hours fitting time they will turn your 5 seater ML into a full 7 seater. They came from a non smoking 2003 W163 ML. Everything is in very good clean condition...
  8. H

    For Sale W163 and W164 internal bike racks

    Genuine Mercedes W163 and W164 internal bike racks, W164, new and unused, W163 used about 6 times £125 each
  9. sappers

    W163 Third row windows

    Has the W163 model with 5 seats and non opening third row windows got the wiring in place to add opening third row windows when converting to 7 seats, and is the wiring already fitted at the front centre console for the switches, does anybody know? I have a 2002 7 seater and I am looking to...
  10. X

    W163 - sweaty summer

    Posted in 'Interior' section too - can't work out best place to put it! :crazy: I've got a proper head scratcher on the ML. My cabin is hot which is not ideal in the searing Newcastle heat! Story so far; 1. Blend valve was stuck in hot - took it apart and had a broken cog. New part...
  11. X

    W163 - sweaty summer!!

    Firstly, newbie and first post in the MBClub website. Thanks for letting me in! :thumb: Got an old CLK 320 (W209) and an even older ML270 (W163) - Discovered Mercs 3 years ago and I can't see me ever buying anything else. That CLK is such a nice cabin to be in. I'm a big tweaker and rarely...
  12. J

    W163 Transfer Box

    As above, part number A1632800800. Removed from my 2004 ML 270 CDi @ 113,651 miles. Gears, bearings, chain & Hi-Lo range motor all in very good order. Filled with new Fuchs Titan 3353 oil. £60 Buyer to collect from LS17 9LH area. Heavy item so no shipping.
  13. D

    W163 BAS/ESP light help

    Hi guys can anyone help with the above problem? This light came on a few weeks ago intermittently. I googled it and was told one of the problems could be a failing battery. It was due replacement so ordered new one. It has been fine since but then came on again today. I understand it can be...
  14. H

    W163 key

    Hi, One of my keys has stopped working on my ML55 2001, it will open the doors via the look, and start the car, but not remotely unlock and deactivate the alarm. Problem is caused by the key battery leaking. Does anyone know if theses keys are available, its a flip type with out the red infra...
  15. J

    W163 ML270 Low fuel light & "pinging"noise from around fuel filler

    Hi Folks, I have a couple of oddities that I wonder if you can help with. First is that the low fuel warning light does not come on. I know this as the car ran out of fuel completely a while back and it had to be recovered by the good old RAC. The gauge works fine, it's just that the low...
  16. D

    W163. Ml500 xenon headlamps - simple swap ?

    Hi , like most people , my lamps on my newly purchased ml500 are fogged . Yes they can be polished but it's never as good a new shiny lamps . So Looking at new units , the only difference I can see between xenon and halogen is thebalast plugged in at the bottom ? Can I just buy a new...
  17. N

    ML270 CDI (W163) Tracking completely off

    I've recently bought a 2004 ML 270 CDI and the car is pulling to the left, a lot! so much so that you have to hold the steering wheel to the right to keep it centered. There is wear to the inside front right tire but not to the left front. I've taken it into Kwik Fit and they confirmed...
  18. L

    W163 12s Trailer Curcuit

    Hi Fuse 18 (I think) is marked as 25a fuse Trailer in the fuse box. Currently the other end (ISO connection in bumper vent) has nothing connected with just a standard 12n connection. Did Mercedes give any specification on this circuit which they deliberately included for 12v trailer use...
  19. M

    W163 washer nozzles

    I've a 54 plate ML270CDI. I've been trying to source washer nozzles for the windscreen as they seem blocked or badly adjusted. There are three of them and they are a weird style - flat with no pin-adjustable 'ball bearings' common with other models. I'm able to remove them and I've cleaned...
  20. R

    W163 cruise

    2004 350 - Cruise control not working nor speed limiter. Did the usual searches and found plenty about faulty brake light switches so ordered one and went to fit it today to discover there is no switch at all and no apparent wiring ! Am I missing something here ? Cant find a fuse or relay listed...
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