1. P

    A-Class W168 Half Leather Seats £80

    Removed from a low mileage 54 plate Avantgarde Excellent condition showing no signs of wear Low price quick sale needed due to lack of space Collection from S18 Dronfield between Chesterfield and Sheffield
  2. H

    W168-Randomly locking/unlocking and alarm

    Hi Everyone, I have a quite annoying issue with my W168 (A170). While I'm driving and am on the move the car locks and unlocks and the indoor lights turn on. The latest probably related issue is that when I have parked and turned the engine off, it starts ringing the alarm and the hazardous...
  3. P

    17" wheels and tyres for my w168

    Hi guys, keeping it short and sweet. I'm not looking for anything perfect, just straight and buckle free wheels and tyres for my a class. I'm happy to refurbish them if need be. I live in the Manchester area and can collect from say as far as 50 to 70 miles. I have a budget of £150 but...
  4. merc85

    Alloy wheel centre caps w168?

    Hi there, I've bought 2 sets for previous cars off the "bay" and have been fine, but it was a good while ago. I bought the wife some for the A-class from a different seller but the 1st one broke immediately whilst trying to fit it, Despite copper grease on the tabs. Has anyone a link to a...
  5. merc85

    Wifes new whip! lol w168

    Picked the A140 up today from the Dealer in Halstead, He'd done the work 2x drop links so no more knocking over bumps. A sedate drive being a little 1.4 8v but the fuel gauge didnt move at all over the 40 mile drive home lol. 2 Previous owners, Fsh, 2 keys and 101k Manual box and...
  6. merc85

    w168 Petrol, Manual and Fsh for the wife

    As above, Just thought it may be worth asking, After a w168 must have fsh and in good clean condition. Manual only and one thats not Silver also 5dr model. Budget upto £1,200 for the right car.
  7. merc85

    w168 a210 amg Any what to look for?

    Ok, i have these wild thoughts from time to time lol, The wife is after a small car to run about in to save the mileage on her "65" X-trail which is used as the family wagon. She is a little jellous of Brutus "my e55k" lol, I've seen a couple of a210's w168's for sale around £1,500 mark...

    W168 a160. Auto. No reverse!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Having decided to get rid of the A160 , I thought I would try to cure the "F"ing display fault . Removed handbrake console, took the pcb out of the PRND unit and sprayed it with electrical contact cleaner . Made sure it was totally dry , reassembled the unit and started up. Dash indicated P...

    w168 a160 gremlins have struck

    My wifes A160 has been well and truly attacked by the gremlins . On a couple of recent (short ) journeys , the car has gone into limp mode , with the "f" (appropriate code) light on the dash. After stopping and restarting the car runs normally for a while , then does a repeat performance. Put an...
  10. A

    W168 Armrest

    I need a front centre armrest for my A160. Needs to be slate grey and vgc/mint. A leather or vinyl lid would be nice but cloth is ok too. Thanks
  11. c55

    AMG A210 W168 Evolution Sports Exhaust

    2003 W168 A210 Evolution A Class Sports Exhaust 2003 Genuine A Class, W168, A210 Evolution Sports Rear Exhaust box with twin Stainless Steel Tips. Removed from A210 Evolution W168 2003 LWB, can also be used on SWB W168s with minor modification and other W168s Support Bracket will...
  12. R

    A Class W168 Manual - won't go in gear on start up, restarting fixes problem?

    Hi We've been having this problem for a while. Car is a W168 MANUAL A Class. On start up sometimes the car won't go in to any gear. Foot on and off clutch makes no difference. Strangely...turning the car off and restarting it and suddenly the car is going in to gear! It then works...
  13. Flyinspanner

    W168 A-Class towbar

    Does anyone have a very cheap towbar for a 2001 A-Class going spare? :dk: Preferably West London Heathrow/Ruislip/Watford/Harrow? Thanks
  14. R

    w168 heater blower resistor replacment

    Hi again, not posted for a while, but always looking.... My 2003 w168 has decided not to let the blowers work on anything but max, looking around I have come to the conclusion that it is the resistor. Nice and easy replacment, but phoned mercedes and they want nearly 50 quid, ebay around 30...
  15. lotruss

    W168 cluster

    Hi Can anyone help get my cluster repaired in my w168. I've had two companies try to fix the LCD ribbon, which has come away from the main board, to no avail. I've bought two more Scrapper clusters both with the same issue, it turns out, is their any problem with swapping clusters around...
  16. D

    Swaping dashboard on w168

    Hi,there Most A class 99y w168 I've seen dont check engine light on when turn key. Mine too. If i swap dashboard from 01 or 02y with checkengine light did it works right on my car? Tnx in advanced.
  17. P

    W168 ride height...

    Folks I have a 99 A140 elegance which sits too high on the front. The arch gap is way bigger than on brochure pictures of the elegance models...What could the issue be? Did they have different ride height springs for w168's?
  18. P

    Changing struts on a W168

    Hi guys, Just a quick question....for anyone who has changed struts on a w168 a class, does the wheel alignment need re setting afterwards? From what I can see its the two small bolts on the top mount, and the two big bolts at the bottom of the leg.....which dont seems to have any room...
  19. P

    My current w168 project

    Hi folks, nice to see a forum with a dedicated detailing section.... I have recently taken on the transformation of a w168 a class A140. My last car got vandalised (mk1 Citroen xm) so I sold it on to an enthusiast to fix back up, and started to look for a new project and family hack...
  20. P

    W168 Wheel arch gaps

    Hello all...new on here and to the world of owning a w168 a class, but Im no stranger to cars and know my way around ;) The question I have is, the 1999 A140 Elegance I now own has the standard Elegance 15" alloys fitted with the recommended 195x50x15 tyres,, but the arch gaps seem to big to...
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