1. C

    W169 A Class Diesel In Oil

    Please help! I have a 2010 W169 A180 Mercedes, unfortunately diesel is making its way into the sump (relatively quickly, 10mm increase on dipstick after a couple 100 miles). Therefore I have done the following: Replaced the high pressure fuel pump. Had the DPF checked on diagnostics...
  2. G

    W169 A class Wing mirrors

    Can anyone advise me whether it is possible to replace the non-folding wing mirrors on a 2009 W169 A class with electric folding versions without a lot of problems. In other words, do the electric one fit into the existing fittings on the doors and do you know if the wiring loom already has the...
  3. G

    Location and access - door pin switch W169

    I need to use a C169 door pin switch to handle the ground wire for the door sill lights. How and were can I access it - had a brief look at WIS, and missed it obviously.
  4. S

    Mercedes A class W169 command problems not working

    Hi, I have searched everywhere for help with this but can’t find specific guidance for my car. I drive a 2006 plate Mercedes A Class W169 A180 CDI. It’s a great car for doing the daily commute (has all the toys I need like sat nav and Bluetooth etc). So Monday morning I was up early to get to...
  5. L

    For sale 2011 W169 A180 Avangarde

    My wife is due to pick up a new GLA on 1st. Sept which means that her 2011 W169 A 180 is up for sale One previous owner (MB) with 31k miles in silver with black. Petrol Automatic Avangarde spec with alloys We purchased the car in 2012 and has full service history MB. In totally mint...
  6. T

    W169. A-Class Performance improvements

    I have owned a W169 2009 180 petrol A-Class from new and am very fond of the car and want to keep it. It is however a little slow...... Does anyone know of any engine improvements or larger engines which can be installed or maybe recommend someone who specialises in W169s?
  7. G

    A little project - W169 flexi DRLs / Turn Signal mod

    I wanted to see how easy it is to fit the newish style changeable DRLs (those flexible ones that turn yellow when you indicate) into a W169 headlamp, and whether that will look OEM-ish The trial headlamp unit was kindly donated by David Richardson (don't worry, he's not driving around with...
  8. I

    W169 rear Pad replacement tool

    Hi all I been searching for over an hour but i'm not finding any answers. I.m about to order some new rear disc's and pads for an 2007 A180 (W169) when is noticed some piston wind in tools advertised. Is this something I will have to have to get the pistons back in?
  9. G

    SALE: Gearshift Handle for W169 W245 W202 W220

    Following my recent carbon fibre / perforated leather interior upgrade, I now have two gearshift handles for sale. These will fit many automatic gear selectors (without a leather gaiter) - W169 / W245 for sure, but also, as far as I know - W202, W220 and others. I have also tried one on a...
  10. G

    For SALE: A-class W169 Interior Parts

    Following a recent carbon fibre interior update, I have a few original parts for sale: 1. Steering wheel controls assembly - fits all W/C 169 - part number A1698207310 2. Front lower centre console, Avantgarde trim (matte "speckled" aluminium) - A1696802639 3. Rear top centre console...
  11. M

    W169 2006 a160 cdi se cvt

    Dear All My first since purchaing my A class. I have one slight issue which has reduced by repalcing worn our front new tyres. The steering squeaks now and htne when I turn, i can hear this inside. Also when you do a near full lock it stiffness, but otherwise you can turn the steering...
  12. V

    w169 replaced HU poor reception

    i wonder if anyone could help, i have a w169 of which i have replaced the head unit. I am now getting a very bad radio reception. i have removed the head lining locating the base of the roof antenna and the is only i single coax cabe exiting, looking online i was led to believe there may be an...
  13. G

    W169 Armrest - slight play - remedies?

    The W169 armrest is not a pinnacle of Mercedes engineering, I am sorry to say: It has almost zero functionality, particularly for a RHD car (as Mercedes didn't bother to reverse the layout); doesn't open, so no useable storage underneath; moves forward 2½" to reveal a tiny 1" x 3" cub, and...
  14. G

    For Sale: Automatic CVT W169 W245 Gear Selector

    I have an unwanted spare for sale: W169/W245 CVT Automatic Gear Selector - A1693700709 Clean, excellent condition, works perfectly. Relevant part numbers: A169 370 0709 169 267 056 169 267 057 169 267 067 169 267 068 £30 for forum members delivered in Britain (excluding...
  15. G

    W169 Steering Wheel Airbag & Miltifunction Controls

    I have a couple of question, I can't find an answer to: 1. Is the the airbag key for W169 a T30? Part A1265890010 I'm too tight to pay over £15 to MB to get a torx screw bit :crazy: Also, it looks about 80mm in length? Will 100mm one be OK, or is it too long - I have no aft/fore...
  16. L

    Bare A Class Door (W169)

    Hi Ive caught a wall and managed to get two doors in the right colour far cheaper than the quotes from bodyshops to repair. The issue I have is the doors are bare, does anyone know where I can get guidance on fitting the glass and winder mechanisms? Thanks
  17. L

    W169 Tow Ball

    Hi Just bought a touring caravan. Some videos on the internet just bolt on a tow hitch behind the bumper in the predrilled holes, but also Ive seen other tutorials fitting 2 extra supports behind? Whats the official guidelines? Ta Louis
  18. D

    W169 Rf remote issues

    Hi guys and gals, First off I'm new here so will say hi and my name is Daniel. I'm having issues with my mom's W169 A200 it's and 05 reg. So the rf remote lock and unlock doesn't work. I managed to find out what the part for the receiver looks like via and online epc and google for an image...
  19. P

    w169 armrest center console removal

    Hi, I want to remove the armrest from an A180 at the breakers yard, I got as far as removing the panel at the back which houses a 12v socket and unscrewing the two torx screws as well as the two front ones. However, whilst the armrest console is quite loose it's still a bugger to get off...
  20. Scooby_Doo

    W169 Wipers

    Went into Halfords to get blades for my wife's 2011 A Class , the guy reckoned they were 22" & 26" so went to check - they're 23" & 26". Came home and had a look at the net - two sites reckon they're 24" & 26" but Eurocarparts will sell me a set which are 23" & 26" so probably go for them...
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