1. drcarrera

    SLK (W171) Wind Deflector Storage Bag

    Black zipped storage bag for W171 wind deflector and accesories. Pretty much "as new" as we never used it (but forgot to include it when we sold the car!). Complete with (creased) wind deflector instruction booklet. Happy to sell it for cost of postage. Otherwise will be thrown away. Reply...
  2. Bestlife

    W171 SLK boot spoiler

    Just bought a new SLK 280 and noticed a few around with the rear spolier on the boot lip. Local dealers want £300, so does anyone know where I can get one for less. Also is the AMG one to go for or what?
  3. M

    W171 SLK ..... in the flesh

    I know that many people are well acquainted with the new SLK but I actually got to sit in one today and have a good look at the interior. Personally I think that the car is much better in real life than it is in the photos. Most of the images you will see of the proboscus are...
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