1. H

    W201 orthopaedic seat switch

    So I've recently bought a 2.6 auto and it from factory had a orthopaedic drivers seat, when I bought it the seat didn't work as one it has a broken switch which I can't find the part number and cannot find it at all on the EPC so would like as much help on this as possible as I want to get this...
  2. A

    W201 Memory Seat Module

    W201 Memory seat Module: part number 201 820 06 26. £50 ono posted
  3. Charles Morgan

    Fitting M103 3 litre into W201 fitted with M103 2.6litre

    I met a very nice chap at Prescott hill-climb yesterday with an immaculate W201 2.6 litre 4 speed auto. He has a perfect 3 litre engine he wants to fit to give the car a bit more punch (it did exceptionally well on the hill-climb driving school). He thinks it is a straight swap, I identified...
  4. S

    Mercedes W201 190E fire extinguisher wanted

    as the title states I'm*looking for a fire extinguisher OEM to go in a w201 190e I believe there all the same from that era if anyone has one please let me know asap.
  5. R

    M120 into w201

    Not the first, but lots of detail. Zonda tuning anyone? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=F0VtYDYe6cQ
  6. R

    W124 lurker 30 post req

    Hello, Long time lurker and now needing to fulfill the 30 post requirement. Interested in all things w124 which also includes w201 and w129 Preferably in the performance and third party market. Lots of projects in the queue waiting, including a turbo technics install.
  7. A

    w201 Engine swap

    Hey, I've purchased a 1989 2.6 190e for a great price in Australia (it's a UK import). For a long time I've been dreaming about making a street legal race car based on the 190e with a evo II bodykit. So far I have the base car, but a lot of work is required. I previously owned a 400hp BMW...
  8. Q

    W201 - All electric windows stopped working

    My 1984 190e has an annoying problem, all of my windows stopped working yesterday. Fuses seem fine so a bit of research suggests I should change the "silver" relay that controls power to the windows. So, I got a new relay, got a spurious parts one for a local parts supplier as MB dealership said...
  9. B

    w201 16v manual gear box

    HI I have a 93 W201 2.6 car which I am working on at the moment, the plan is to have M104 engine swap. I came across a 86 2.3 16v manual car without the engine. (with a play in the stick). can you please let me know if the manual gear box bolt on the M104 engine? is there anything else to...
  10. B

    M104 engine swap into W201

    hi I am currently working on a my W201 2.6 project car. from my search I limit the option for an engine swap between the M104.980 from w124 300ce 24v and the M104.990 from a W140 320. my question is with the difference between the two engines the swap of 1- the M104.980 should be direct one...
  11. B

    w201 brake upgrade from W124 E500

    hi I found w124 E500 parts car, can I use the front and back brake units to upgrade my W201 2.6 project car brake system. if yes then any adjustment needed or is it simple swap I hope.
  12. B

    hi i am new here

    hi this is my intro post. I bought a 190e 1992 sportline as a project car. I am a great fan of this form as I got useful info from what had been posted herein. Bashar
  13. Rob77

    W201 190E AMG Body Kit

    Does anyone have the part numbers for the AMG body kit please (Gen 1 & 2)? I have 2 front, 4 skirt, 1 ducktail and 1 rear sections and they could be from both Gen 1 and 2. I'd like to fit Gen 2 stuff where possible but it might be, for example, my rear section will be Gen 1. I'm fine if...
  14. gunning

    Which wheel bolts for a w201

    What wheel bolts do I need for a w201 190e please? I thought it was m12 X 1.5 35mm for alloys but it turns out I'm wrong.
  15. KillerHERTZ

    Excellent Condition 1992 190E 2.0 - W201

    Selling for member Missytycoon whom I know personally. Mercedes Benz build quality went down the tubes...but that was after this model. This car has FSH and been cherished by more than one owner. It's History and Provenance are such that it was owned prior to my wife by the Parts Manager's...
  16. noogieman

    WTB: Rear blind for W201 190E

    I need a rear blind for a 190E W201. If you have one for sale in good condition please let me know. Thanks
  17. T

    W201 190E single wiper blade

    Hi So if I want to clean my newly acquired 190 how do I lift the single wiper? Will it just simply stand up to the 90 degree position like coventional wipers do from the base, or is there a certain way to move the wiper off of the windscreen? Thank you Tom
  18. R

    Broken drive shaft on W201

    Two questions I need answers for please: 1: I am trying to remove the flange bolts that hold the drive shaft to the diff. A T50 Torx bit is a poor fit and has slipped. A T55 torx bit is way too big. What should I be using? 2: I am struggling to find a replacement. So far my options are...
  19. Rob77

    Mercedes W124 M103 3.0 3.2 12v 190e W201 AMG Rocker cover

    Real or fake? I say fake. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/322121470938?redirect=mobile
  20. C

    M104 300-24 in a W201 conversion

    I've been reading many posts on this forum and others regarding the conversion and fitment of a 3.0ltr engine into a W201. Having been toying with the idea of fitting a bigger lump to my M103 2.6 engined W201 for some months, a good condition 300-24 engine has come available local to me...
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