1. modelman093

    W205 head lights

    Is switching the dipped beam for driving on the right really a dealer job as the manual suggests?
  2. modelman093

    W205 spacesaver ?

    Don't fancy a trip to the Black Forest with only a bottle of glue and a pump in the boot. Any recommendations ?
  3. T

    Wanted W205 Chrome Exhaust tip

    Can anyone help me replace the little chrome tip nearside on my 2016 W205 C220 please?
  4. E

    C63 W205 Buyers guide

    I have just started looking at buying myself a C63 W205. For the W204 model there seems to be more than enough material to read up on, but the W205 seems a little less well documented online. I am predominantly looking for technical information, what extras are available, whats worth...
  5. D

    Which One C-Class W205

    Hi Guys looking to change back to a C-Class w205 and a little confused which model and engine I should go for. Definitely want a C250 or a Hybrid. Have around £22000-£25000 be interested to know opinions and what extras or standard equipment is a must. looking forward to receiving your...
  6. T

    W205 C63 brake calipers

    Hey All Does anybody know where I can get brake calipers either replaced or even repainted? Based in East London. Currently have the stock AMG brake calipers on 19 inch wheels on a W205 C63, but looking to replace them with the red ones from the C63S, or even just get them repainted...
  7. mbsilver

    retro fit auto dimming rear mirror on c class w205

    I've seen a couple of posts suggesting it is possible and is easy to fit? My soon to arrive c class is SE Executive variation and annoyingly has no options for this Anyone seen any such retro fitting for a auto dimming rear mirror? Thanks in advance Ken Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
  8. Schuey

    W205 C200 AMG Line Auto

    Hi Chaps, Haven't posted here for a while but looking for some advice please. Going to see an MB Approved Used March 2016 C200 AMG Line Auto, that has only covered 8000 miles on Thursday as a potential car for my Dad. Just wanted to ask those in the know if there is anything I should look...
  9. JohnEclass

    W205 Map Update

    Hi all, Just had my C300 serviced at main dealer, asked for maps to be updated while in, they said yes ok. Got the car back, noticed hand written note on service paperwork saying Nav DVD ordered... I did not think the W205 used a DVD for the Maps?... I might be wrong anyone know if they...
  10. mbsilver

    No front fog lights on c class w205

    It that it concerns me but interested to know why MB have ditched them?
  11. S

    W205 'Burmester' speakers

    Of course I mean the HK speakers. Might I have some professional opinions please? Will these rainbow speakers, which are usually replacements for beamers, fit on a W205...
  12. m.b-amg

    C43 W205 AMG Diamond Grill ( Genuine MB Part )

    Hi I have my AMG diamond grill up for grabs from my 2017 AMG. Comes with AMG front grill badge. MB star not included just use your own star. Only 2 months old no marks. Being removed this Friday. I will post in well packaged box or buyer can collect. Genuine part removed from my car. £160...
  13. S

    W205 - Direct Steer just feels strange

    Hi New to this forum and writing from Switzerland. I just purchased a 2016 c-class 250d estate 4-matic with the amg-line package and 19 inch wheels. It's my first Mercedes and, generally speaking, I love it. It looks classy and sporty, is ultra comfortable, and I love all the tech and...
  14. T

    Help needed - W205 Windscreen Replacement

    Good afternoon all, I run a fleet of C350es. Not for the environment but for the tax implications for both employee and employer. I have a very good relationship with the salesman who I ordered them through originally but I had one of the guys call up and say that he had a crack and needed a...
  15. D

    W205 - Wont read texts from Samsung S7

    Hi Apologies if this has been covered elsewhere. I have connected my Galaxy S7 to my 2016 w205 C250 Command system. It connects OK but does not read text messages out aloud as it did with my previous (windows) phone. I do get the message for me to read on screen but this is no use when...
  16. S

    AMG Floor mats for W205 C class

    Anybody got a spare set laying around?
  17. A

    W205 Glovebox Handle & Lock Replacement

    Is it possible to remove and replace the handle and lock on a W205 glovebox or from what I've been able to establish on line is it a whole new glove box? Also is the lock universal or specific to your key? Removal instructions for the handle and lock would be most appreciated.
  18. I

    What coolant for W205 petrol?

    I had a warning come up asking me to top up coolant and a few days later the air conditioning has stopped working. I assume this is a sort of automatic switch off as protection? What type of coolant should I use please?
  19. T

    W205 SatNav pronunciation problems

    Just got back from one of my regular trips down to Malaga in my new W205 with Comand Sat Nav. The pronunciation (in English) of Spanish & French towns is appalling. My previous car was a C350 with Comand and over 7 years I had no problems with the SatNav. As an example Malaga is pronounced...
  20. M

    w204 or w205

    Iam planing to buy w204 2012 onward or w205 2015 diesel had w203 for 5 year never had a problem now want to change which one you guys suggest as reliable? your advice will be appreciated Many thanks
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