1. S

    CLK 320 W208 performance / codes

    Hi, So a few months back now I was chasing a gremlin that was causing my car to lose power and then judder heavily at idle. I replaced the MAF, TPS, leads, coils, fuel filter etc to no avail. I visited an independent Merc Specialist twice who charged me an hour labour each time...
  2. shanksy

    W208 CLK430 - Air Intake Hoses wanted

    Hi all, Managed to split both hoses pulling off engine cover, struggling to find where to get any replacements without resorting to dealer. Anyone have or know the location of where to get some ? I can pay in either cash or W124 parts ........ :)
  3. shanksy

    CLK430 W208 Air Intake Hose Split

    Hi All, Yesterday I tried removing the engine cover for the first time on the CLK and I managed to split the air intake hoses, not realising they were attached. I have duct taped them together but was wondering if it was worth finding replacements or would I be fine to leave as is ? Thanks
  4. S

    Clk 320 w208

    2002 51plate. CLK 320 Auto coupe in Blue elegance v6 147k approx. Mot till about Dec. Grey leather interior Not much history, just odds and ends. Four decent tyres. Well maintained but obviously at this age has a few issues which I will list here so you know in honesty. 1)...
  5. C

    W208 electric seat issue

    Back again. Passenger electric seat won't go forwards or backwards. I can hear a solenoid or relay click under the seat but no movement. All advice appreciated before I start ripping into it!
  6. C

    W208 M112 5 speed Torque converter. uprate? Refurbishment?

    Who's a good firm for doing this work? I have a w208 with 200K on it I'm about to fit a 3.7 engine I'd like to refurbish the torque converter. It was on the list of things to do anyway. Is it would uprating it in anyway or does a standard refurb do enough? From cross referencing...
  7. astamir

    free to go grey rear seat covers for clk w208

    Hi guys As the title says I've got a rear seats covers in grey leather in a good condition if anyone interested you can collect them from London
  8. C

    Getting the best out of a W208 CLK430

    Hi At the start of a long term project Any advice on mild tuning for these? I plan to make a SS exhaust as the current one is a bodged decat Was going to use a free flow sport centre and backbox. Too loud? Anyone done this? Heard a rumour there is some merit in fitting the CLK55 air box Is...
  9. K

    clk 230 w208 electrical "event"

    Hi as above 1999 w208 cabrio ....wife driving back from shops and...no electric windows, no wipers, no lights etc etc. 5 minutes later another call saying all is ok again. Apperently when she pulled up at home, the triangle with exclamation mark (traction warning?) was lit. I got home and took...
  10. C

    W208 rear arch repair paneks

    Hi All. It's probably been asked a million times but any ideas where I can source repair panels for rear arches? I've just picked up a snotter off eBay which I want to give a bit of TLC as it's basically sound, so all advice on a source is welcome
  11. S

    W208 - Replace Bottom Door Rubbers

    Hi all, I need to replace the rubber at the bottom of both doors: Part/s 2086900382, 2086900482 It seems like a simple job I could do myself. I was wondering how to remove / replace these. Do they simply pull off / clip or are they fixed somehow? Thanks...
  12. S

    W208 - Convertible Hood Problems

    Hi al, I have a 2000 W208 CLK Cab. For the past couple of years I've had a fairly infrequent issue with my hood. When it happens it is annoying as it's always when you've got a boot full of stuff and opening the trunk / boot with the key manually is a pain. It usually happens when putting...
  13. J

    Help Boot Warning light keeps flashing W208 CLK Convertable

    Hi New to site New to Mercedes too. I have bought a CLK convertable with a few problems but lately the boot warning light keeps flashing whilst driving and for some reason the alarm seem to activate a short while after locking. Can any one help ??
  14. Sonny Burnett

    patten wings on and painted. W208 55AMG

    Hey guys, Finally have my euro car part wings on, surprisingly good fit. Had a lot of drama with this car, nothing to do with drivability, but the corrosion was the worst i have seen - Think old sprinter. any way underneath its like brand new. fitment of the new wings is not 100%...
  15. T

    W208 CLK steering alignment?

    Hey, when driving in a straight line my wheel isn't exactly in the centre. I knew on older mercs you could remove and replace the steering wheel to adjust this, my local garage says not so on this car, can anyone confirm this or make any suggestions? I've had the steering aligned a few times. Thanks
  16. shanksy

    W208 CLK430 - Intermittent wiring

    Hi all, Have an intermittent wiring connection issue at the moment in the CLK. On some occasions on startup I have power to stereo. Other times I do not. When there is no power to stereo, I also lose power to the heated seats and I also had an airbag light stay on for a short while...
  17. Hawkwind

    CLK W208 Rear Disc Brakes

    Hi everyone, need to change the brakes on my CLK, decided to go for Bosch all round. Parts have not arrived yet, but decided to take a closer look to make sure I have all the stuff I need. I have a question for those that have done the rear brakes before. How do I release the rear parking...
  18. Sonny Burnett

    W208 exterior plastic clips Help

    Hi guys Finally had the wings changed for euro car parts ones which actually fit almost perfectly. My old wings and trims plastic clips where completely ruined and I need help sourcing replacements, images attached to show what it is exactly I'm after. Any help greatly appreciated. Sent...
  19. shanksy

    W208 Climate Control Removal Tools

    Hi All, Does anyone know a quality provider of the little tools you need to remove the climate control. I've already purchased some off ebay and I know they were cheap, but they are too thick and barely go through the width of the outer plastic. There certainly don't get anywhere near as...
  20. Spartan535

    W208 - 320 v 230k

    I used to have a CLK 320 and feel the need for another one. Anyone any views as to which from a "performance" view is better - from both engine and chassis. I know the 320 only has limited scope for additional work both on tuning and it's a heavy lump, but what about the 230k?
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