1. bigp271

    W210 e220 cdi starting issues.

    Hi guys. I've been lurking for a while and I must apologise for going straight in with a help post!! I'm after some technical advice. Been having a starting issue with my e220 cdi. If the car is parked facing up hill overnight then it normally takes ages of continuous cranking to get it to...
  2. D

    W210 Handbrake Ears - collapsed in brake drum !!!

    Bit of an odd and rare issues Looks like my right rear hand brake has completely collapsed in the drum and ripped the handbrake ears into bits. I heard it all get crushed up when I was diriving. Lucky this wheel didn't get jammed and cause more problems. I've taken the disc off and removed...
  3. P

    Parameter steering gear to replace regular and DIY control

    Hi, A few months recent '02 W210 STW heavy steering in getting annoying enough to consider a reman steering gear (understood the gear usually worns out, not the steering pump). As far as i understand, the Parameter Steering -option offers more power assist than regular steering at low vehicle...
  4. M.A.94

    W210 e320 cdi deisel leak

    So my car has had a strong fuel smell coming the past day or two. Today I took the engine cover off and it I've found the leak however not sure what the leaking part is called and it's purpose. Any advice is appreciated thank you
  5. 5

    W210 E55 woes - help!

    Hello all - I was wondering whether there are any members familiar with the M113 5.4L? I am having two issues: 1) Air conditioning is making a groaning noise when switched on - AC compressor was replaced 3 months ago (DENSO part) and has been quite since but for the last week it is very...
  6. W124ali

    W210 E Class - Can the halogen be replaced with xenon?

    Hello all Just a question thats been bugging me. Can one replace the halogen headlights on the 210 E-Class with xenon headlights? Does the wiring and/or plugs differ? Thanks
  7. O

    Foglight bulbs for '01 W210/S210 E55

    olks, silly question, but which website has more accurate compatibility information: Pelican Parts or Amazon? The reason I ask is because my foglights are circular (AMG styling package, 722 since it's a '01 W210/S210 E55 AMG wagon), but Amazon continues to recommend H1 foglight bulbs. I'd...
  8. E

    Mercedes W210 E240 Avantgarde, 2000 70k miles FSH

    Welcome, here for sale I have my very much loved and cherished Mercedes E240 Avantgarde with the superb 2.6 V6 engine, with just under 70.000miles, in a rare dark Green/Black this car has a lot of factory ordered extras like: piped leather seats, electric seats, heated seats, Air conditioning...
  9. L

    Mercedes w210 diesel loss of power

    Hi everyone I'm having problems with my mercedes 2001 3.2 diesel. it keeps losing power after heavy acceleration. I've changed the mass air flow sensor, turbo, cleaned the cat and more yet its still losing power and won't rev over 3000rpm!! please help as this is driving me insane!
  10. L

    Mercedes 2001 3.2 diesel W210 loss of power

    Hi everyone I'm having problems with my mercedes 2001 3.2 diesel. it keeps losing power after heavy acceleration. I've changed the mass air flow sensor, turbo, cleaned the cat and more yet its still losing power and won't rev over 3000rpm!! please help as this is driving me insane!
  11. tron

    W210 mirrors revisited.

    Last year I had a lot of difficulty attempting to fit a pair of folding W210 mirrors to my W202, eventually repairing the 202 units and leaving the 210 ones in pieces. The current 202 has very poor frames to its non folding mirrors so I am tempted to try again. I fitted the seat wiring into...
  12. bob6600

    Recently priced W210 FL Estate

    Seems a good example body wise although driver's seat has worn more than mine! Nice colour (not silver for a change!) Mercedes E55 Amg Estate W210/s210 Datacard Identification number: WDB2102742B399013 X Chassis Sales designation: E 55 AMG Order number: 0 1 537 37073 Delivery...
  13. Frankie

    W210 handbrake

    I had to remove the headlight control and which meant removing the handbrake release lever. After putting it back together the release lever stays out after I release the handbrake. I can push it back in and it works fine but what have I done wrong?
  14. DanMorgan

    W124 AMG + W210 AMG Parts

    The Turbos from the twin turbo I bought is off for refurb, so I have a few things up for sale: W124 AMG Bodykit Deep Dish AMG 16inch Alloys Sebring Exhaust W210 AMG Exhaust Discounts for mbclub members.
  15. M

    W210 2002 wings needed . travertine beige code 693

    Hello,if anyone has both wings for an e class w210 2002 ,paint code 693 ,, give me a shout ? Andy 07508 849 700 Thanks
  16. Richard1973

    Inlet manifold replacement W210 320cdi

    Hi, finally getting round to sorting the EGR fault. Ordered a complete second hand manifold with EGR, cooler and swirl flap motor. Going to clean this up ready to fit. Does the inlet use a gasket? Someone has told me it is reusable? Also going to do the fuel lines while I'm at it. Anyone...
  17. ju4ior

    W210 exhaust Birmingham

    Hi Anyone recommend exhaust for W210 E 200 compressor. Old car but have had for a while and want to keep. Can only source from MB (ouch!), no joy with gfs/Europarts. Anyone tried stainless steel or recommend any suppliers.
  18. BAZ-500SL

    BREAKING MERCEDES W210 6 speed manual

    BREAKING , MERCEDES E220 CDI AVANTGARDE 2001, Y reg, 6 speed manual, Colour : mauve Engine and gearbox Avaliable For any part please call 07576195640
  19. M.A.94

    Difference in w210 front and rear springs

    I have just purchased a new h&r suspension for my w210 e320 cdi. I've noticed that the front and rear springs are identical. However looking at the shims I've just got from the dealers the rear ones are wider. Can somebody confirm if the rear springs need to be wider than the front ones. I...
  20. C

    W210 squirrely rear suspension.

    Well I've just had all of the rear multi link arms replaced. It now creaks and feels very crashy and unstable when going over bumps. I've also noticed that the NSR is slightly lower than the OSR. The shocks seem to be returning with 2/3 bounces and the springs aren't broken. I actually nearly...
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