1. T

    CLS / E55 Parts

    A few parts for sale Genuine AMG IV Alloys (4 x 18") - £600 Condition: Used - Could do with a professional refurb and replacement of tyres. Photos: https://photos.app.goo.gl/pzDK8IGVHSVUvKBO2 Genuine AMG Pistons and conrods for M113k engine (x8) - £850 Condition: Used Photos...
  2. R

    W211 add aux input

    Hi all I have a W211 2.2cdi 2008 with the standard stereo with cd player and Bluetooth which works great. But it has no aux input, has anyone managed to add it without replacing the stereo or spending plenty of wonga please :bannana:
  3. J

    W211.022 Turbo prices

    I might need a new turbo for a 2007 320 cdi, had a quote of £395 + vat on replacement basis from aet turbos in wakefield, just querying if that's a competitive price or not and if anyone has recommendations on where else I can look for one.
  4. merc85

    w211 Engine bay Plastic cover's ?

    Does anyone know the correct part number for these covers? Were they ever avalible in the uk for the Pre facelift cars? Just thinking abit of weather protection cant be a bad thing not the my car really gets wet lol. Will the 2006> facelift covers fit if not?
  5. AngryDog

    2004 (54 reg) W211 E55 Oil cooler

    Is this likely to be below my radiator? I want to fit a larger Heat Exchanger but I have read that some cars have the oil cooler in the way? Thanks.
  6. B

    W211 folding wing mirror

    I have electrically operated wing mirrors. The one on the driver's side of the car (continental EU) is broken such that when I unfold it, it doesn't stop at it's previous position but unfolds all the way. At a speed of 50km/h there is a feature that "hardens" the mirrors and when this happens...
  7. 4

    w211 sbc C2498 error code

    Service brake visit workshop message .how to remove this. I have star days xentry
  8. B

    W211 ESP & ABS error

    I have a 2004 e220cdi with an ESP/ABS problem. Read back the fault codes which indicated a faulty right front speed sensor so replaced that with no improvement. Then replaced the wheel bearing with new seal (abs magnets) and again problem still exists. Upon startup no warning lights but...
  9. yuriboy

    w211 side skirt

    hi all , i am looking for a drivers side skirt for a w211 in teallite blue 353 thanks 07729077177
  10. T

    Intermittent Radio interference. W211

    Some times it's fine, sometimes there is a lot of crackling. It doesn't seem to be related to where I'm driving and it only crackles on the radio and not the cd. Any ideas?
  11. T

    Rear tyre extreme wear on one wheel. W211?

    Just noticed this. The NSR tyre has worn down to the wires on the inside shoulder.:eek: The outside shoulder is bald too (which is what caught my eye) but nowhere near as bad. The middle of the tread is ok though. The other rear tyre is fine and the car seems to drive ok, with the steering...
  12. 4

    w211 NAV or Maps problems .

    Hello all my friends. My w211 2003 doesn't read the maps CD in the boot . Before has been worked.after I eject the map CD from the DVD in the boot for a long time (2 month).When inserted back after 2 month the NAC doesn't read the CD . Any advice appreciated .
  13. AngryDog

    W211 E55 brake wear sensors

    How many brake wear sensors does the w211 E55 have?
  14. AngryDog

    W211 dash cam

    Who has one and how have you mounted and wired it? I want to wire it in but only so that it comes on when the car is on.
  15. A

    Facelift W211 aftermarket grill (big star)

    Hi guys, This came on my car and i've reverted to the stock item. £50 collected from ilford, essex. If you want it posted pm me and i'll get a price! W211 grill by Abdul Chowdhury, on Flickr W211 grill by Abdul Chowdhury, on Flickr As fitted to my car, fitment was very good and all tabs...
  16. Gistek

    W211 e63

    Hi Guys So i sold my last Merc 3 years ago for a BMW and i have finally sold the BMW and going back haha! Im looking at a E63 AMG 2007 model, just wanting your guys opinion on what to look for! The one i have found has done 99,000 KM or 61,000 miles! Any pointers would be great...
  17. R

    2007 W211 Stereo and Bluetooth options confusion!

    I have recently aquired a 2007 E class. It has what I think is an NTG1 stereo; single CD slot with integrated 6 Disc changer underneath and a matrix display. In the armrest flap bits, it has what I presume is a Nokia phone kit (it has a pair of curly leads each side in the arm rest part). Now my...
  18. Alps

    W211 E55 parts

    As my E55 has now gone to its new owner, time to clear the shed loadsa parts I have gathered over the years! 1. Brand new Genuine Mercedes Airmatic pump - not the cheap Chinese rubbish thats on ebay, a genuine MB part - £220 2. E63, CLS63, CLK63 front bumper center and fog grills £100 3. Set...
  19. damiandavis

    W211 E63 Engine Temperature Spike

    Driving in slowish traffic after driving at motorway speed and noticed the engine temp on the E63 rising from the usual 100C to 114C. Not seen this happen before and as soon as i got some speed up the temp dropped again. Is this a cause for concern or usual behaviour? Oil recently changed...
  20. M

    W211 Mercedes Benz E320 CDI Sport - £4599

    Hi, I have decided to part ways with my W211 Facelift 320CDI Sport. I have owned the car for just over 3 years. With a growing family I just more boot and cabin space hence the sale. Panoramic Roof All the usual features such as heated seats ect... (no sat nav unfortunetely). July...
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