1. H

    W215 Right Side Mirror Glass

    I have a 2004 CL600 and the Right hand side mirror glass has gone all smoky.. I am looking for replacement glass but it is bit of a jungle out there .. From what I have gathered then I should have tinted spherical heated with auto dim function. The W215 should only have the auto dim...
  2. Flyinspanner

    W215 centre console switches dead

    Hi, Went away for a holiday, and on return, the centre console switches have 'failed'. There is no function for hazard warning lights (indicators work fine). The door lock/unlock. Rear headrest release. Parking sensor on/off. ABC raise/lower. Sport mode. ESP on/off. Car drives A ok...
  3. I

    W215 CL500 Flat Battery

    Hi everyone yesterday I had a flat battery on my 2002 Cl500, I charged the battery and on starting the car I had two faults show up ,BAS problem and ESP problem also the ABS light has come on.Are these genuine faults or caused by taking thee battery off ,there were no faults before the flat...
  4. M

    w215 cl500 dangerously slow acceleration

    My w215 cl500 has just started to have issues with acceleration...changed out the man sensor but the few posts I've been able to read on the internet seem to point to the accelerator pedal assembly and sensor. Can someone guide me as to how to remove the pedal assembly and sensor so i can...
  5. I

    W215 Cl500 Cd changer

    Hi Everyone Just treated myself to a 2002 CL500 in excellent condition with 80000 on the clock everything works as it should apart from the cd player says no magazine when a full magazine is in the changer any ideas please ? Thankyou
  6. B

    W215 (06) CL500 - Passenger side suspension drops

    Hi, I bought a CL500 about two months ago and then last week i started to notice that the front passenger side suspension was dropping slowly, when parked over a couple of days. When I start the car up and move it an inch forward the suspension jumps back up instantaneously back to normal...
  7. DSLiverpool

    Has the speedo illumination gone ? W220 W215

    Or is it the state of "on" the car is in - to me it looks like the neon ring behind it has gone ? anyone an idea of £ ? please
  8. 3

    cl55 w215 boss amp help needed

    hi guys when i purchased the car i found i wasn't getting any sound so i got myself a fibre optic loop and traced the problem back to the amp, now i've noticed they can get a bit pricey on ebay but ive managed to find one at a reasonable price out of a 2001 clk that looks identical but has a...
  9. T

    CL500 W215 drivers door electrics

    All the electrics have stopped working in the drivers door following a flat battery and recharge. Most likely would seem to be the loom where it passes into the door but it looks untouched and the sheath is perfect. Is there a door control module in the door that might have failed? Any help...
  10. B

    (VIDEO) Weird Engine Noise, Please Help - CL 500 - w215

    Hello, I have recently started to notice a weird engine noise on my CL 500 (w215) from 2000. It sounds like that when I start it up and don't rev it, when I drive it I don't really notice any weird sound like that. Could somebody please tell me how to fix this issue? VIDEO LINK: iOS...
  11. ea666

    W215 2006 CL500 with AMG Package

    06/2006 CL500. Cherished example, needs a good home. Maintained regardless of costs. ABC Valve blocks, accumulators etc replaced by forum member see link below. http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/wheels-tyres-brakes-suspension/201023-w215-valve-block-diy-repair-surrey-hampshire-3.html...
  12. J

    W215 CL500 Rear brake calipers

    Hi All During a recent pad and disc change on my 2005 CL500 we found that both rear calipers had seized pistons. I've sourced and replaced the O/S caliper but the N/S is proving almost impossible to source. I've had an order in with MB Oxford for nearly 2 months now and they say that...

    Mercedes w215 CL500 SHOCK ABSORBERS

    As I have decided to upgrade to coilovers I have all four ABC hydraulic struts for sale. 100£ each 300£ all four collection- free (coventry) shipping 15£ UPS 24h express Any question contact me +07444965033 [email protected]
  14. S

    Mercedes cl w215 facelift console

    Hi has anyone changed the centre console on a cl w215 from post face lift to a face lift style, as I want to install a android unit, my main issue is with trying to wire the new facelight hazard buttons cluster. Thanks in advance

    MB W220, W215 control panel upgrade

    Hello, Currently dealing with my 2001 MB CL500 , what I want to do is upgrade pre-facelift console with navigation unit etc to facelift one , I already bought everything just needs to be connected properly. Struggling with upper control panel, pre-facelift one has different plugs and some of...
  16. D

    ABC suspension parts W215

    I am in the process of removing the ABC system from my car. All 4 struts work fine and have no signs of misting or leaks. I will be doing an o-ring rebuild on front and rear valve blocks before selling them as I bought the kits before my hose burst. If anyone is looking for any of the above...
  17. M

    W215 ABC fault

    Have a abc fault come up on my 2001 500cl have read the code comes up with low pressure but the system seems to be working fine goes up and down evenly no leaks ideas please

    Interior paint code , W215 CL500

    Hello, Which of these numbers is for the interior colour (seats) ? https://postimg.org/image/l4g2tv9ld/ https://postimg.org/image/m13f0xx3b/ Cheers
  19. R

    2003 w215 cl500 red abc warning light!

    Hello fellow MB folks, my CL500 has flashed up the dreaded red warning sign " ABC Defective, drive carefully". I've checked the reservoir and levels seem ok on the dipstick,oil is dark green/ light brown colour, checked for leaks near the pump and four corners but found none. No odd noises, I'm...
  20. ea666

    W215 Brake Squeal

    When i first bought my car 2 years ago... i noticed there was a brake squeal coming from the off side rear and put it down to being the brakes. So i now replaced the brakes and pads at the rear with genuine mercedes parts and i still get the squeal which is really pushing my button as i keep...
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