1. OneTwoNine

    W219 OEM Airmatic Link Set

    Does anyone have a set of the linkage that go on in place of the lowering linkages on the CLS W219. Cash waiting.
  2. N

    CLS 63 w219 caliper colour

    Guys thinking of changing my calipers to yellow. What do you guys think? Currently they are silver here is the car
  3. M.Khalid

    [W219] CLS 55 AMG Dynamic/Pulse Seats

    Hi Everyone! :D Im planning on buying a CLS 55 AMG by the beginning of next year (when I get the money basically :bannana: ) I have got a tight budget, this will be my first bad ass car (I currently own a CLK 280 sports convertible). My question: is the Dynamic Seat a standard feature...
  4. L

    W219 Drivers side bi-xenon headlamp

    as per the title - in good condition
  5. L

    Bi-Xenon Headlamp Part No. for W219

    Could someone help me please for a part number for an offside bi-xenon headlamp for a 2008 Facelift W219 - WDD2193222A150368 TIA
  6. N

    CLS 63 w219 20' Alloys

    Guys thinking of changing wheels on the CLS. Has anyone expireanced 20'? Does it change ride quality moving from a 19'?
  7. N

    CLS 63 w219 long tube headers

    Guys any ideas if LHD long tube headers will fitt a RHD W219 CLS63? Found some at a decent price just under $2000.00 but states LHD and they do make them in RHD

    W219 CLS dynamic seats

    Hi Guys, First post from me:bannana: I've managed to get hold of a set of CLS55 AMG seats that have the dynamic seat function. I am putting these in to my standard CLS500 and wondered if anyone can advise if the standard seating wiring connections will also allow for the dynamic seat...
  9. A

    w219 Brake Upgrade...?

    Hi All Are there any decent disc & pad upgrades available for a W219 350 CDi? I had all discs and pads replaced last year and the pads now need replacing again. I average about 40k a year so want some stoppers that can handle a lot of motorway and A road use. I've seen some Black Diamond and...
  10. 5

    Location of electronic lever module control unit W219

    Hi Guys, plugged in my diagnostic unit and it come up with the following fault: sb10/mil check control unit N15/5, electronic selector lever module control unit. Not sure how to investigate it but can anyone tell me where the control unit is located? and what it looks like. If anyone one...
  11. G

    W219 CLS500 Bi-Xenon swiveling lights (Adjust for European driving)

    Hello guys, I have been trying to find the switch on my 2005 W219 CLS to convert to symmetrical beam pattern. But I cannot locate it, does anyone have a picture or something to know what to look for? My car has the Bi-Xenon swiveling dipped beam lights When I had my CL500 the lever was quite...
  12. J

    CLS (W219) Mileage/Reliability check-in!!

    Recently I am trying to gauge the reliability of the CLS W219. These cars still look so modern and beautiful although it has been more than a decade since the beginning of production. I am wondering how many miles you have had on your cls 320/350/500/550/55/63 and did you face any major...
  13. G

    W219 CLS500 with Airmatic

    Hello guys, Since I got the car a few weeks ago. I sorted out a few things with the engine etc. However there is a strange thing with the suspesion. It feels it is rocking left to right and vice versa. This is when I am on uneven road etc... feels like the front right wheel is loose and moving...
  14. D

    W219 MOST interface, please help.

    Can anyone confirm, will this: XTRONS Optical Fiber Decoder Box for Mercedes-Benz CL / CLS / E / S / SL / SLK Series | caraudiopoint.co.uk allow me to fit and aftermarket head unit while retaining the use of the current fibre optic amp? Currently have a Comand NTG1. Or do I need something...
  15. M

    CLS W219 £rd Brake Light Warning

    Had a third brake light warning pop up on the dash today. Before I go ordering a replacement brake light does anyone know if there is a common failure point on these? ie chaffed wires, seperate fuse, dodgy relay etc or even a easy way to test it? A quick look around makes replacing the 3rd lamp...
  16. M

    w219 cls fog light issue

    had a dashboard warning of 'front right fog light failure' last week... so assumed bulb issue.... it has led bulbs fitted and i did notice that the right one did flicker/flash after the warning showed. so bought some new bulbs - fitted them and the problem is still there - the right one still...
  17. PhilG

    W219 Headlamp washer mechanism

    I went to my local car wash, used scores of times before, and came out with a broken headlamp washer mechanism and no cover. I have no idea how this happened but whatever. Went back to the car wash and managed to get the cover back. I've got a new mechanism ready to go in, looks like this...
  18. CLSMark

    W219 the verdict..

    Just to qualify the title, I've had nothing but VAG group since god knows how long, but since some gent nicked my A5 in February, I decided I'd finally try MB after admiring the w219 ( who doesn't) After 4 months, I'm hooked, in love. Call it what you like, This weekend I've driven 1000 miles...
  19. CLS-Reece

    Cls W219 Air suspension

    Hi Just to give you a quick summary of how this all started My Mercedes was in a side on collision mainly on the N/S/F wheel. Minor bodywork looking damaged but the wheel was mullered. Basically had all the work fixed but Churchill after countless complaints and rework and 3 different...
  20. G

    W219 roof bars and cycle carrier

    Hello folks. Am looking to purchase some roof bars and cycle carrier for my w219 CLS. Have searched the forum and as usual am lead to exactly what I need (another thread had the Thule model numbers etc I need). Before I purchase new, does anyone have a set for sale that they want to shift ? If...
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