1. dddooommm

    Mercedes s class s500 w220 silver low miles v8

    ★★★Mercedes-Benz S CLASS W220 fully loaded★★★ ★ Long Mot ★ Low miles ★ Immaculate car ★ FOR SALE: My Dads Powerful immaculate S500 Petrol with lots of factory extras! Long Mot, With Low Miles & Finished in Mercedes brilliant silver Sheer Mercedes quality when Engineers made...
  2. G

    W220 2005 s500L Command APS version?

    SO much conflicting information! Okay, so on my 2005 w220 s500L what version of command do I have? it has the more modern post 2003 style, BUT has the head unit cd drive hidden, you press eject and the screen moves up to reveal it. I think it's APS NTG1 BUT most of the others labeled as such...
  3. J

    2014 W220 coupe traffic alerts

    I have the radio with the sat nav and command etc. I have about 6 stations pre set - radio 2, classic fm, a couple of local BBC stations, jazz fm etc. The only time I get the traffic reports is from classic fm. When they have a traffic report on their station it cuts into my CD or mp3 but no...
  4. G

    W220 s500L 2005 - what version of command do I have?

    Been searching everywhere and got confused, what version is this? It has the CD drive hidden behind the screen which moves out the way.

    W220 shock conversion kit

    All four shock absorbers for W220 airmatic to convert to coil springs. With little adjustments I got them fit on w215 + module to delete red warning light in the dash 600£ ONO 07948729766
  6. design guru

    W220 Manifold diagram

    Hello, Does anyone have a diagram or layout for the manifold which holds the Turbo on the drivers side as I need to replace the gasket due to a leak and just wondered the best route to take as the bolts are in very difficult to reach places. I am guessing the turbo needs to come out to...
  7. A

    2000/X W220 S320 CDi - "Twang" From Front Brakes

    Hello all. Some help needed here please. Whilst driving my car there was a "twang" like sound when I applied the brakes. So it would go "twang twang twang" until the car came to a stop or I let go of the brakes. I then received the "low brake fluid - visit workshop" warning. Looking around...
  8. A

    W220 S500 Brabus Exhaust System For Sale

    I have just acquired a 2000/W S500 which has a Brabus exhaust system. Looking to sell but need a replacement unit so you buy mine and I buy yours. System is still on the car which has done about 70,000 miles only. Don't know what this is worth so any valuation would be appreciated. Call...
  9. design guru

    W220 Turbo/Black Smoke/Exhaust leak

    I have a 2001 S320cdi W220 and for a while I have had a slight exhaust leak in he area of the turbo. I removed the engine covers, air filter housing and the connecting pipes and the front of the turbo was covered in a thick layer of soot. It seems the leak is somewhere under the turbo as the...
  10. 83C

    W220 COMAND Not Working

    Hi folks, I've just bought an early W220 but the Stereo/Nav/CD/Phone isn't working. It is the early version of COMAND, so far as I can tell the fuses are OK however the fuse diagrams are missing. Head unit/phone/nav - not working at all. CD changer - eject button tries to eject CD cassette...
  11. Mo2312

    New w220 s500 owner - no 5th gear

    Hi All Ive just purchased a nice w220 S500 amg sport with 94k on the clock, but need some help as the car wont shift into 5th gear. When at 70 was sitting at just over 3k rpm, kickdown does not work and unable to select gears manually through gearstick. Ive had the codes read and got p2502...
  12. B

    solar glass w220 320cdi

    Hi all I have obtained an after market gps receiver and have been told that it will not work through solar glass, how do I tell if my rear screen is solar glass? Thanks' for any help, Bill.
  13. G

    SALE: Gearshift Handle for W169 W245 W202 W220

    Following my recent carbon fibre / perforated leather interior upgrade, I now have two gearshift handles for sale. These will fit many automatic gear selectors (without a leather gaiter) - W169 / W245 for sure, but also, as far as I know - W202, W220 and others. I have also tried one on a...
  14. B

    Which Antenna w220 320cdi

    Hi had the car to the Mercedes specialist and the diagnosis is that the antenna is faulty, any ideas hoe to fix it or where to buy a replacement after part. Regards, BILL.
  15. BKM

    W220 Airmatic leak?

    Hi all, Last week after having the car parked for about 24 hours I found the front on the ground and the lovely red message "Airmatic - stop, car too low". Within a few seconds after starting the engine the car went up and the message dissapeared. Drove to work. After 4 hours the same problem...
  16. S

    W220 320CDi CEL and other issues!

    Ok, so my engine starting showing a CEL with accompanying "Oil sensor faulty" light once driven, switched off and restarted; it would then only idle until about 20 mins later when it would then respond to the pedal - this has got progressively work and happens everytime the car is driven, no...
  17. R

    W220 d2b bus ice upgrade opinions

    I have been unable to find a noob section and can't see any way of searching posts. If I'm doubling up or posting when/where I shouldn't, then apologies. I have a 2002 w220 s class with command 2.5. My boot changer is dodgy, so am looking to update head unit. What do people think is best...
  18. design guru

    W220 airmatic issue

    I have a w220 2001 S320 cdi, recently I have noticed when parked up over night the car raises to the maximum height, even when I unlock the car usually it drops by releasing the pressure but it remains at maximum height. It does go down to normal heigh once I begin driving but the raises up...
  19. A

    W220 - S430, S500 or S600 Front brake callipers.

    Hi, does anyone have or know where I can get a pair of W220 S430, S500 or S600 Front brake callipers? Don't have the part number for the bracket, but the callipers are marked brembo - 20.7047.03 and 20.7047.04 Thanks. Jay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. DSLiverpool

    Has the speedo illumination gone ? W220 W215

    Or is it the state of "on" the car is in - to me it looks like the neon ring behind it has gone ? anyone an idea of £ ? please
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