1. O

    W246 mud guards

    Hi can anyone help me? I would like to know if I should get mud guards for my W246 as the rear screen gets quite a lot of spray on it, where is the best place to get them? Cheers
  2. S

    B Class W246 Auto Roll up/down windows

    Still pretty new to the MB world, but wondered whether it's possible to set the windows to roll up and down using the fob? Thanks :thumb:
  3. F

    W246 handbrake fault

    Hi does anybody know what could be wrong with the electronic parking brake on a 2012 mercedes b class. It's come up with a warning saying parking brake is malfunctioning. The yellow and red parking lights are lit. I've jacked the rear up and the handbrake is only working at one side. No power...
  4. J

    W246 B-Series Roof bars wanted

    Looking for a pair of roof bars for my W246 B220
  5. S

    Retro fitting Cruise control W246

    We are thinking of fitting Cruise control to our B180 SE on a 2013 plate, as we drive to Salou every summer and wondering if it's possible and has anyone done it already. Also would it have to be done through Mercedes or can it be done elsewhere. Thanks
  6. mitadoc

    W246 B-Class roof rack for box - which ones?

    Hi mates, I have 15 plate B-Class W246 and I am after roof rack in order to put a box on them. There are plenty of them ,starting from 50-ish something up to 350-ish. I don`t want to pay for the most expensive ones,but I don`t want to buy a piece of junk either. Any help is much...
  7. S

    W246 Noise and slight vibration

    Hi We have had our B180 SE for just over a month and it has been back to the dealer a few times with vibration issues around 70mph. They first of all found the tracking to be out and gave me the car back and the issue was still there next time I went along the motorway, so back we went...
  8. G

    W246 Climate Control Module (Removing)

    Anybody know how to replace/remove the climate module? Mines faulty and need replacing - wondering if it's easy to remove the panel (as per picture) and thus being able to remove the module
  9. G

    W246 Blower Control

    So, I have a 2012 W246 that I bought a couple months back. I've always suspected there might be a problem with the blower controls not working correctly. The blower dial doesn't seem to respond, whilst the temperature dial does. Turning the blower dial doesn't seem to affect the power of...
  10. J

    W246 Trip Meter

    My 2014 B18B0 CDI SE, shows average MPG since "last start", but when you look at "Since Last Reset" the average MPG is blank showing __;__, all other parameters are shown ie MPH, Miles, Hours etc. My previous B Class showed av MPG for the 3 years I had the car, any advise, should it show av MPG
  11. mitadoc

    W246 audio speakers upgrade

    Hi folks, I don`t like the sound of the stock Audio 20 speakers. As the car has been bought as approved used, I didn`t have the opportunity to upgrade with HK Logic7 which has been only fitted in factory, as MB sale adviser assured me. In that case, an audio upgrade is the only...
  12. mitadoc

    New member with B-Class W246

    Hi there, 2 weeks ago I bought my `15 B200CDI SE. Nice and practical car , I have to admit. So far, I love it.:thumb:
  13. J

    W246 Day Running Lights

    Just purchased 2014 B180 CDI ECO SE Can anyone explain why some cars that year the DRLs are LEDS and others like mine are the Front Fogs lights I do not think is just the date of production. I have seen some older and some newer thanks:confused:
  14. G

    Retrofit media interface - iPod

    Another day, another problem/question. So, my B-Class W246 (2012) doesn't seem to have the media interface installed. The only audio connections to the Audio 20 stereo is either via Bluetooth streaming, USB drive or good old 3.5mm connector in the arm rest. I did want to control my...
  15. Michu

    W246 1.6 Cold air intake upgrade

    Is anyone has experience with air filter heat shield, is it works ? I'm thinking to install one.
  16. S

    B Class (W246) specs deciphered

    I'm at the early stages of buying a B Class, and am struggling to find some answers so thought it best to ask on here ... B Class W246 launched in 2012, and it seems there was a significant facelift in 2015. Between 2012 and 2015 some models have different displays in the instrument...
  17. T

    W246 Performance figures baffle/Question

    Since I got our W246 B180 petrol last year I had a question in my head about the performance figures. Not that performance was my criteria but it baffled me since then The B180 petrol was quoted as 0-62 as 10.4(10.2) with top speed at 118 while the almost identically weighed A180 (20kg...
  18. S

    B class W246 wing mirror cover fits C class W204? Both LED facelift.

    Hi Guys, anyone has any idea if B class W246 side wing mirror cover fits C class w204 facelift led side mirrors? Thanks in advance. Part number is this. A24681101609696
  19. kwardy

    B180 30k Service B (W246)

    My B180 is Now Out of Merc Warranty (last week) and they advise i need a 30000 Service I asked what do i get for this service they advised me got this web site (What im a missing for this price cost*:£422.41) https://www.mymercedesservice.co.uk Your Car B180 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY...
  20. D

    Thinking of buying (and tested) a B class -W246 - advice needed about comfort

    Hi to all and many thanks for reading and possibly replying. In my search for a reliable car , I recently tried a W246 B class - sports tourer. I came to the following conclusions about the seats comfort but I would appreciate to have feedback as well. 1. The back seats are very uncomfortable...
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