1. Y

    W639 Rear diff mount bushes

    Hi. The bushes in the bracket that mounts the (rear of the) Diff to the chassis (and takes up drive torque/resists diff twisting), have perished. Are these available separate to the aluminium holder ? They have the part number (as best as I can make out) A 639 988 05 10 but googling this...
  2. I

    Vito w639 fault code p2527 egr positioner short circuit to ground

    Hi any help please my vito is coming up with fault code p2527 egr positioner short circuit to ground changed she still same so now I have had the egr deleted and that same fault code is still coming up Evan after egr deleted has any one had this problem????? Thanks in advance Sent from my...
  3. T

    atf dipstick for level check on a VITO W639 V6 Diesel

    Anyone know whether my ATF dipstick that i used on my 2001 E320CDI (inline 6 ) and 1999 CLK 430 can be used on my W639 2007 VITO 120CDI (Sport X 204 ) I think the its the same 722.6 box as its tiptronic & Rear wheel drive and not the 7 speeder presumably my combination is the same as perhaps the...
  4. BTB 500

    W639 Vito/Viano instrument cluster issue ('re-booting' while driving)

    Got a strange problem with our 2007 W639 Vito - the cluster display has started 're-booting' (for want of a better description!) intermittently while driving. It goes blank, then displays 'no data', then comes back up with the miles/mpg/time/speed stats. all reset. I *think* the red SRS light on...
  5. S

    W639 DPF issue

    Hi Guys, ive read a few posts regarding this issue but I could do with a bit more information please. Ive a 2012 Viano and ive had the engine management light on, took it to my local garage who read the code and it needed a new DPF sensor. Ive had the sensor and the wiring replaced but the light...
  6. S

    W639 Vito Tail Light intermittent flashing

    My 2005 Vito 115 has developed a fault in the right rear unit which has me baffled and means I cant renew MOT until rectified. When I turn the lights on the right tail light bulb flashes briefly then goes out. Then it will flash again a few seconds later and again for another 4 or 5 times...
  7. S

    Intercooler upgrade Vito w639

    Has any one upgraded the intercooler on a vito? Is there anything to be had in terms of performance and/or reliability? Spent a long time searching this but couldn't come up with any kind of answer Currently got a Vito w639 109cdi remapped to 168hp and planning to put some kind of high...
  8. T

    Vito (W639 ) handbrake / footpedal -long travel

    W639 handbrake pedal travel The footpedal in my Vito ( W639 2007) goes a long way down before it "goes tight " considerably more than in my mercedes saloon cars . I have today adjusted the wheel cogs inside the brake drum to bind then just backed off a couple of single cogs to free rotation ...
  9. TonyVianoAmbiente

    Help! Need wheel bolt size for W639 Vito Mark 2

    I need new M14x1.5 wheel bolts for my W639's new alloy wheels. Long enough to be secure but not so long that they foul the handbrake mechanism in the rear drum/disc. Can anyone please tell me how far they should protrude from the back of the wheel in mm? Bolts were supplied with the wheels...
  10. M

    vito W639 109cdi battery drain!!!!!!!!!!! urgent

    Hi. I've got MB Vito W639 53reg. I own this one for over 7 years. Since last 6 months im struggling with battery drain. Its showing 7amp drain. Long story short- after heavy rain water in pollen filter. Fluded vents. Water dripping inside. Ive spoken to some specialist and still no...
  11. Modelmakerman

    W639 ECU\Fuse\Electronics box removal

    I need to replace one of the AC pipes on my 2004 Viano. There is a fixing bolted to the bottom of the electronics box (the bit with the fusebox\ECU stuff in it) which I cant reach without removing the box. Any ideas how to do this?
  12. S

    W639 CANBUS Speed Limiter Kit

    It's all the rage to watch your speed to within 1MPH these days, but I'd rather keep my eyes on the road than on the speedo. My W639 has a speed limiter, but not an easy way to flip it between 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 MPH. (In fact it is stuck at Km/h anyway) I'm wondering if the speed...
  13. G

    Mercedes vito W639 111cdi dual mass flywheel vibrations?

    Hi guys, I really could use some help in diagnosing a vibration issue I have on my vito. I bought it 4 months ago with a very lightly slipping clutch ( only slipped if you were hammering it up a hill in a high gear) so I had my local indy fit a new clutch, they said the flywheel had a small...
  14. wu56Shoozz

    2006 w639 111CDi Vito Instrument Pod..

    Has anyone successfully changed a later pod with the two clock for an early binacle with the rev counter etc...can it be done? I like the look of the later instrument pod...hence the question.
  15. Modelmakerman

    W639 Windscreen seal/Rubber surround

    The rubber seal/surround on the windscreen of my W639 Viano has seen better days, so much so that the other day on the motorway it tried to remove itself! Anyone know where I can get a new one? Tried Googling it with no luck. Anyone know the MB part No?
  16. G

    Advice wanted on turbo problem on Vito 120 W639

    Hi. I'm after some help or advice on a problem with the turbo on my 3.0 Vito engine. The van went in to a workshop a while back for a mild remap and to delete the egr. I just wanted to get few more mpg out of the thing and if that came with a few more ponies then fair enough. After two failed...
  17. wu56Shoozz

    W639 Tailgate door handle

    Can anyone tell me how to remove it as there's rust starting to form behind it and I'd like to treat it before its too late..:(
  18. wu56Shoozz

    W639 Dash Trim

    Instead of the "Wood" Trim that runs across the dashboard, what do you call the dark grey almost stone like appearance I've seen this on the Viano door cards and like the look of it...but need to know what its called. Searching wood trim is easy but this.. a lot harder...
  19. N

    Priming Injection system W639 Vito

    Folks, Having stripped down the Injection system to repair a faulty seal in the pump, how am I best going about bleeding the system? Do I really need Star? Can I just crank (short bursts)? Any assistance appreciated.
  20. N

    W639 Remote Locking

    Hi, I am after some help from you technical guys on here. I have a Viano W639 year 2007. I am having an issue when locking. Every time I lock the indicators do not flash and then headlights come on and stay on. Is there a way to reset back to original settings or has anyone ever come across...
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