1. Palfrem

    Daily Mail rant over G Wagens

    4x4 monstrosities are choking our towns and are blamed for car park prangs | Daily Mail Online Fill your boots chaps.
  2. W

    Are we overpaying for G Wagens in the UK?

    This US one seems very cheap compared to the UK? Mercedes Benz G Class G550 4MATIC We Finance | eBay
  3. bpsorrel

    Rare sighting of G Wagens!

    Here's an unusual sight - 2 G Wagens (500 and AMG 55) parked next to each other in a car park in Vladimir today! Lovely cars! :)
  4. Steve_Perry

    For those with M Classes and G Wagens...

    http://www.mattracks.com/ You can turn your 4x4's into a mini tank for those occasions when snow chains just aren't 'man enough'. :D Hmm, I wonder if they'll fit a C Class? :p :crazy: S.
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