1. Levismerc

    Waht has happened to www.classimercedesbenz.co.uk?

    Hello all I've seen this chap's website - www.classicmercedesbenz.co.uk and there are a couple of bits that I'd like to buy off him. However I've left a few voicemails and sent an email over the past few weeks but to no avail. Does anybody know him or his whereabouts?:confused: Thanks Levi
  2. N

    Waht should I offer?

    What should I offer? Today I looked at 1991 560SEL which was VERY nice. Nautical blue/grey leather, loaded with goodies - electric, heated front and rear seats, rear sun blind etc (everything works), 71,000 documented miles, 2 owners, last for 6 years & 22,000 miles, FSH, hasn't beeen in the...
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