1. H

    Finally after 7 months wait - C220 in Diamand Silver

    absoloutly love the colour
  2. moonloops

    Wait for it..

    https://youtu.be/PorHqc0D-7s :D
  3. nickjonesn4

    4 days to wait then mayhem awaits - advice needed

    Dropped of my e55k at Eurocharged today for Heat exchanger S/c pulley EC Headers and primary cat delete Redo last year's remap to get the best out of the above Two new batteries - both pretty much dead Itching to get it back now. As a total newbie to doing 1/4 miles and vmax etc...
  4. MancMike

    Do you wait at Zebra crossings after the pedestrian has passed your side of the road?

    Hi all. I was taught my driving lessons, that a zebra crossing gives pedestrians a permanent right of way, and that you are to wait until the pedestrian has completely left the crossing before setting off. He said, "What if the pedestrian stopped and turned around to walk back?" Always made...
  5. Djardz

    Can't wait to pic her up

    So a pic up our new car up sat what u all think . I am so excited [emoji7][emoji8] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. M

    Wait wait a question do I have Airmatic or ABC

    Hi Guys & Gals, Sorry if this is a really dumb question but yesterday I got the message on my car ABC malfunction. Does this mean I have ABC in my car as I read most of the s class cars had airmatic?
  7. H

    Take delivery or wait?

    Hi, Just been informed that my new car will be arriving on August 28th. In a bit of dilemma now: (a) Do I rush down to pick it up when it arrives and have the August bank holiday to enjoy it. (b) Do I wait until September to collect - I'm assuming it then gets registered as a 2016...
  8. thebig1

    Car in MSL, Exciting Wait!

    Hi Guys, My C63 is in MSL, the wait is sooooo exciting lol
  9. jimiE55

    77mm pulley mod for my 55. Can't wait!

    So Acid and the guys at Msl have my E55 to do the 77mm Pulley, kleemann headers & cooling. We are awaiting arrival of the pulley, and I'm finding it difficult to concentrate on daily tasks with the excitement! :wallbash:
  10. W

    Buy and e-class state now or wait?

    I am interested in a e-class state but I understand a new model will be announced soon and be available in 2016. Would you recommend to buy now or wait the new version? Tx
  11. Reggie-rock

    How long must I wait for the Official MBClub Decal I have purchased?

    Is it normal for a long wait for these.
  12. I

    MB Tier 1 Warranty - mechanical failure - do you have to wait for the breakdown?

    Hi A specialist told me my suspension needed repair, the car is under a T1 warranty (the specialist had no expectation of making the repair so I'm fairly confident in his motives) MB said 'there is play in the suspension but it's not enough to fail an MOT (their own MOT specialists) so...
  13. KoFidee

    Vito Sport compact the wait is over

    Van landed today atlast pick it up Saturday all being well
  14. G

    How important to wait until the glow plugs light goes off before starting CDI engine?

    My first diesel car (W211, 2005 E280 CDI). Sometime I forget to wait until the glow plugs light goes off before I start the engine. What is the risk of me (or my wife who is worse than me remembering to wait) damaging something in the engine? A friend of mine said he had an Audi A4 for 5...
  15. K

    Wait for new reg or not?

    So my c220 is scheduled to arrive on august 12th. Should I delay registration till 1st September (if I can do that) to get the new reg or just get it on august 12th? I'm leaning towards accepting it on the current reg year on the 12th, especially since it's on a 3 year company lease (my...
  16. M

    The C63 wait begins

    Hi everyone, Just joined the forum as I've recently put down a deposit on a 14 plate C63 estate. Due to receive it in around 7-8 weeks time so I'll hopefully learn a thing or two from the forum by then! Spec is fairly straightforward - obsidian black with black leather. Due to the terms of...
  17. Edition507

    A long wait

    After 7 long months I finally picked my 507 up on 31st December and for the last 3 weeks I've been driving calm and collectively to rack up 1000 miles, which yesterday I achieved :banana: The car is very impressive and sounds like no other however small rattle in the dash had to be silenced...
  18. D

    W204 (C220 or C250) prices - purchase now or wait?

    Hi Guys I was thinking of buying a C250 in Jan (I figured not many sales in Jan after Xmas so I can probably get good pricing!) however i've heard the new C class is out soon (Feb 2014?). Question was, is it worth waiting until this is out as I'm guessing prices of the older model will go down...
  19. smillion

    4 hour wait for MB roadside recovery :(

    Well, after 4 hours, lots of promises, no show, very disappointed. Looks like a flat battery and after 4 hours managed to turn over and spark up and drove home. Lost confidence in MB recovery though. RAC, or A A has to be better bet on this standard. Called 6 pm, at 10 pm told at least another...
  20. K

    Trying to wait patiently

    Hi All Getting an E300 as a company car. Not got delivery date yet. Can't wait. Has anyone got confirmed delivery date for new E class yet?
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