1. xJaydeex

    Anyone waiting for a GLC Coupe?

    I ordered a GLC Coupe back in may but have no build/delivery dates yet due to a few things holding the order up (20" wheels & night pack to start with & now the artico dashboard) anyone else in similar situation??
  2. S

    Waiting for a Mercedes C350e to be delivered

    Hi everyone, Looking forward to delivery however I can't find any pictures with the same specification. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Mercedes C350e Sport estate. Brilliant blue and with the night package. Just a C class Sport with the night package would do. Thanks for reading and...
  3. H

    Advice needed: New C Class c300h in garage for almost a month waiting for part!!

    My 9 months old C Class (W205) c300h has been off the road for almost a month while Mercedes source a replacement part. History of the problem is that the dashboard flashed up a "Wiper Malfunction" quickly followed by a red warning with a picture of a battery with Failure written underneath...
  4. D

    Fancy spending your life waiting at junctions to be let out?

    Then buy my X5.... It's terrible off-road, the steering is heavy, the interior is devoid of any style and the wipers have a mind of their own is just a little list of a few of the positives of this fine jewel of a BMW. It's covered a passive-aggressive low mileage of just 71k which is...
  5. C

    ML320 W164 £cash waiting.

    Looking for a nice straight ML320 V6 05/55/06 reg but must be pre tax hike model. I'm based east Manchester but will travel for the right car. Geoff.cropper@yahoo.com or text ring on : Zero7986 298922 Thanks, Geoff.
  6. U

    Vito Wanted 638 or 639. Cash waiting up to £2500

    I'm based in Kent but will travel 100 miles or so. Thanks:thumb:
  7. H

    Very happy day, been waiting years!

    So the wife has finally agreed to let me have a CLS. (It's ultimately her car as I'm driving a van about daily and I also have a weekend car) She has never been sure on them so we have always ended up with a C Class. I only ever liked the original shape and wanted one before they get too long in...
  8. N

    New forumite - waiting for new c-class

    G'day one and all. I have wanted a Mercedes for just about 40 years, and I am now hopefully just a few months away from owning my first (3 months, 4, 5, now 6 and counting) which will be a new C-class. Delivery put back to Q1 2015 due to waiting for Airmatic availability. Looks like a good...
  9. flango

    Time for a new toy, Garage ready and waiting

    OK well it's come to that time in my life that I'm solvent again :thumb: Daughter just finished University so fees, living and housing expenses all now done with and I have disposable income again :D So its time for a new toy and I'm fancying one of these Noble M12 GTO-3R Has any one on...
  10. W

    Wanted: CLS500 or W211/S211 E500 Cash Waiting

    Hello.... I'm in the market for a CLS500 or even a E500 (either saloon or estate). Preferably the later 5.5 388ps. Ideally the car would have Command, Xenons and Heated Seats at least. As said - cash waiting for the right car, I am in Central Scotland but I'm not afraid to travel...
  11. G

    Waiting for my first MB

    Bought this some days ago, and is waiting for delivery 1.st of April :devil: Mercedes GLK 220 CDI BE Aut. 4 Matic 2012
  12. Palfrem

    Parking fine whilst waiting in a queue of traffic

    BBC News - Man in Bradford traffic queue given parking ticket This just harvesting drivers isn't it. It can't be right that a moving car just drives down the road and "snap" £60 fine please.
  13. gunning

    Need a new car by tomorrow. Cash waiting!

    I dont know if anyone can help, I sold my car and need one by tomorrow. If anybody knows of a decent 3.0l diesel in any form other than 4x4 and is between the £3500 & £6500 mark, please let me know!
  14. Palfrem

    Waiting for response from....

    Both Chrome and IE are coming up with the "Waiting for response from" message and just hanging there with the arrow and the animated blue circle spinning Any one with any ideas please?
  15. D

    Anybody waiting for their new E63?

    As above, Mines been delayed from late August build to an "unspecified" as yet date!! MBUK say a problem with the panoramic sunroof is delaying all builds with them fitted. Oh, mines an estate BTW.
  16. HotJambalaya

    waiting for dealer to resolve warranty issue, how?

    So my dealer 'owes' me 6 months extra warranty (part of a sales agreement, wanted the 6 months remainder of the manufacturers warranty + 1 year), which they've failed to do. So I called Merc UK who in turn chased it up, they have contacted me, and said the dealer will be contacting me to resolve...
  17. effbee584

    Waiting for your new Mercedes?

    There is a fair chance my nephew will deliver it to your dealer ......
  18. E

    Waiting for me mate...

    I'm just waiting for a mate. - YouTube LOL :D
  19. SilverSaloon

    putting an offer in on a house - the waiting game

    Hi we are currently putting in an offer on a house - this is our 3rd (and stated final offer) to the vendors who have rejected our 2 previous low offers. This offer is still low compared to what they are asking for the house, however we are in a position to proceed straight away since we...
  20. D

    It's like waiting for Santa

    Only 4 more sleeps and I pick my C63 coupe up, I can't wait. It's going to be a long few days. Gone for tenorite grey, optional 18", H&K, privacy glass & rev camera. Going to be a long day thusday as I'll have fly to Exeter and drive back to Newcastle. :bannana:
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