1. TypeXXI

    South East Wales

    Is there a regional group for South East Wales? Be interested in occasional meets, cruises, trips to events etc.
  2. Brabus1408

    Hi from North Wales!

    Hi guys, Just saying hello to the forum community. I own a Brabus-modified/re-mapped C-320 CDI, which I enjoy tweaking (and sometimes driving too, lol) on a regular basis! :D Anyway, thought I'd join up so I can shoot the breeze with you guys, share some experiences and learn some...
  3. S

    Newbie from south wales

    Hi guys , new to the forum but have had a few mercs in tbe past ,currently own a 2002 cdi c220 and the wife has a 2005 c200 cdi, cheers steve
  4. K

    R129 Specialist South Wales

    Looking for someone who can sort out the roof and rollbar operation of my 1999 SL, preferably in South or South West Wales. Tried a local MB specialist here in Pembrokeshire but he has been unable to resolve it. Any recommendations?
  5. AndyKO

    Anyone with STAR in West Wales?

    Anyone on here with STAR living in West Wales? I'm in Carmarthenshire and need some help with the car. Thanks guys
  6. DavE400

    Hi from South East Wales

    Hi to everyone, having bought a 2014 E400 C207 approx 2 months and found this forum in looking for general info on a few minor issues I'd like to say thanks for the wealth of information posted which has been beneficial to date. Any specific info on E400's most welcome and hope to contribute as...
  7. developer

    Wales Rally GB - A Question

    My lad and I are going to Wales Rally GB on a day ticket for the Saturday. A simple question - will I be ok in my car, or should I take the wife's Focus? He seems to think there will be driving on mud tracks/poor roads between stages - I'm hoping there will normal roads and places to park...
  8. Marvin16x

    Marvin's 2016 road trip around England / Wales

    Morning everyone, isn't it lovely when you write a long text on your phone, even save it by copying it to the cache, and the next minute your phone freezes and restarts automatically and all is lost. Happened to me yesterday morning when I woke up in my car somewhere near Rye, down south...
  9. roger574

    Wales Auto (Penarth) - recommendation

    Having recently acquired my first MB which, after a few weeks use, showed up a few issues that needed investigating, another Penarth garage I use recommended that I take my car to Prasad Shetty at Wales Auto. Prasad has done a great job in diagnosing and fixing those issues, keeping me...
  10. roger574

    New member, Cardiff

    Hi everyone, At the moment I'm an aspirational MB driver (unless a 1994 208D van counts?) but I'm on the lookout for a good W210 E55 AMG in the next few months, so I'm mainly lurking in the forums at the moment, finding out what 'good' looks like. I have to say that my initial impressions...
  11. B

    New member. Brecon Mid Wales.

    Good evening all, I recently came in possession of clk230 Komp and have fallen in love with it. Just put a twelve month ticket on it and booked it in for a little tlc on the bodywork. I will probably change the wheels aswell. I can't stop driving it..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Marvin16x

    Marvin's UK trip #2

    Hi all, 7 weeks of summer jobbing at DAIMLER have come to an end and it's now time to sort out the final bits before our second UK road trip starts. Some of you might remember that we did the same thing two years ago. My mate Felix, me and the old red(ish) Benz, from Stuttgart up to Inverness...
  13. P

    Newbie from South Wales

    Hi, just bought a 2012 C250 coupe CDi blueefficiency AMG sport plus auto. Not picking the car up until Saturday morning. I have been looking for a high spec C250 coupe for a while and finally found one less than 10 miles from my house. Its got 20k miles with full Mercedes service history and 1...
  14. Incredible vito

    Hello from south wales

    Hi guys I own a Mercedes vito 2005 111cdi with serious issues well I bought it yesterday all was good but hardly any boost found this tobďe most likely the turbos viribal vanise in the turbo so I went and bought wynns turbo cleaner I'm a mechanic so followed instructions step by step then went...
  15. Marvin16x

    Your favorite scenic roads and places in Wales

    Hey all, it's still 4 months until our second UK trip with the old Benz, but since I got nothing better to do I'd like to start planning now - and I need your advice :) Unfortunately, we didn't have a lot of time in August 2013 and went - more or less - straight up to Peak District NP after...
  16. P

    XL collapsible/folding dog crate (S/W Wales area)

    I have an extra large collapsible dog crate suitable for Giant Breeds (or the wife). Only 2 months old and very little use. Perfect condition. Cost £100 squids few months ago, looking for £30. It is large and heavy so pickup is desirable. Can deliver locally for a small charge.
  17. C

    Looking for Merc Indie West Wales

    Looking for an indie specialist I am in Aberystwyth / Lampeter area - maybe Swansea?? Help
  18. zoros

    Indy in NW and North Wales?

    Any Indy's recommended for SL55 AMG's?
  19. noy91

    Wales Rally GB - worth going?

    Was wondering if anyone on here had experience of spectating Rally GB, and whether they considered it a worthwhile experience, and specifically how much you can feasibly see? I'm personally keen to go - both to watch what is probably my favourite motorsport, and also it would be a good chance...
  20. C

    Helloo from Wales

    Hi everyone, new to MB but have always wanted one since collecting car brochures in the 70's & still have them! I am looking at a E320 3.2 2004 Full MB history, any pointers advice very welcome. Thank you
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