1. A

    Sunday walk

    Had to get out of the house, so headed 5mins up the road to a lovely village called Rainow. Had a great walk around Lambaload Dam Some I pics of my car on the drive up :thumb: And some from my walk with the wife and this little fella Cheers Ben :thumb:
  2. C

    Liberty Walk C63

    Unless I've been sleeping, Liberty walk has only recently released a wide arched body kit for the C63 coupe W204. Since every other car in this category seems to have had one, I'm surprised it took them so long. Anyway, their kits often divide opinion but here you go, make your own mind up and...
  3. A

    Goyt Valley walk

    Some pictures of a walk in did around Goyt valley and reservoir, not a breeze but chilly though. And after picy from the trig point Cheers Ben
  4. rusty55

    O2 walk

    Hi all. Off to London to do the o2 walk this evening with my family the views and lights should kick start the season with a huge smiley grin How did you find it or is it on your Christmas list. Hi ho ho
  5. M

    New Mercedes AMG E63 S 4MATIC Highlights and Walk Around - Video

    New Mercedes AMG E63 S 4MATIC Highlights and Walk Around [YOUTUBE HD]9mvWKzYhGk0[/YOUTUBE HD]
  6. F

    Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso - Walk Around, Interior Look

  7. Gurd63

    The Walk, Hilton, Dubai

    Off to Dubai this Friday. Previously stayed at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, which was very nice. This time round we fancied a change of location, choosing Hilton, The Walk. Does anyone have any experiences with this particular hotel? Seems to have good reviews online but was just wondering if...
  8. F

    Ferrari 288 GTO - A Walk Around

  9. F

    Ferrari F12tdf - Walk Around

  10. F

    Aston Martin Vulcan - Revs, Interior, Walk Around

  11. Benzmanc

    They walk among us

    Middle lane hogger driving at 55mph called 999 to report police car flashing him to move
  12. F

    Pagani Zonda 760 VR - Walk Around

  13. F

    Aston Martin DB5 & DB6 - Walk Around

  14. F

    Ferrari F40 - Walk Around

  15. Harrythedog

    Ah well! They walk amongst us

  16. richard300

    Hydraulic Suspension issues on a W126 - walk away?

    There is a little coastal village near me, and i occasionally head there for a bit of a walk and a pint in the local Inn.... There is a garage there on the one road that leads in and out and i have noticed a 560SEL tucked round the back (with its **** on the floor) - I had a cursory look around...
  17. grumpyoldgit

    They walk among us, but worse still they drive too!!!

    I called in for fuel and to check tyre pressures today, as the air-line bay was empty I decided to check the tyres first and couldn't believe my eyes at the sight of the car at the nearest pump. The driver of the car which caught my attention was just returning to his vehicle and was in a bit of...
  18. O

    Should I walk away from this SL - and a warning

    I am looking for an R230 SL500 and have seen an 03 with 61k miles at a local garage. Priced at £10k it looks nice in the showroom although I have yet to drive it. The only problem is that it doesn’t have any history. Apart from an MB dealer at its first service after 13k miles , all the other...
  19. chriswt

    Smash, park and walk off + silver lining

    My current site office overlooks a car park which houses cars belonging to probably the worst set of drivers I’ve ever seen but that’s another post. Yesterday a woman while trying to park her car lurched forward into the side of another parked car. Having witnessed the whole thing I hurriedly...
  20. C

    Walk fatboy walk

    Ladies and gents, I know I have't been on here long but please read on. I rarely ask much from people on forums but please read this and consider making a donation. Just before Christmas I found out that our friends' little girl, Skye, has to go to America for hopefully lifesaving surgery...
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