1. lisa110rry

    Nordic Walking

    I've just discovered Nordic Walking and I love it! I'm sure you know what it is, but if not, it's sort of like cross-country skiing without snow. Does anyone else on the forum do it?
  2. Whitey

    People walking around my car . . .

    Just been out to the carpark after seeing two men lurking around the car (this is at work). I thought the worse but was greeted by " that's a nice motor mate, you been polishing it? ". I was taken by surprise ! It's a credit to the car's previous owner - it gleams after a quick wash...
  3. C

    The Walking Dead

    Anyone else watching this show? Pretty good so far if you like Zombie movies/shows. Looks like it's not just for horror fans as the level of writing is pretty high. Might hunt out the source material.
  4. J

    Fined for walking dog while driving?

    BBC News - Man drove car while 'walking' dog in County Durham:eek: Is this mentioned in the Highway Codes?
  5. crockers

    Winter tip for walking in the ice / snow

    If you have a pair of golf shoes you will find they give you extra grip in the ice. Just got that tip from Point West. :thumb:
  6. P

    Whilst walking........

    I have been without a car for the past few days so have walked to the station near home and then walked to the office at the other end of the commute. It's amazing what you miss when you are driving. At the home end I passed a house where the occupant obviously likes BL Marinas. He has at...
  7. X

    Walking boots

    My OH needs a new pair of walking boots...she has quite a wide foot and needs good advice....nothing fancy, just something reasonably sturdy. We are off to the Lake District Saturday....can anyone recommend a good shop to go to to get a decent pair of walking boots? We are staying in Coniston...
  8. S

    Were you walking @ 3 years old

    I wasn't Silly advert
  9. verytalldave

    Walking my cat named dog

    If you remember 1966 like I do, then this will bring it all back.......... Sound required.............. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPZVrmJ2HH8
  10. BlackC55

    Parts man (walking EPC)

    I am trying to persuade a friend of mine that works at MB as a parts advisor (walking EPC) to join the forum and join in the fun. He is a little unsure and is watching my laptop and reading with interest peoples posts etc.
  11. F

    Walking in a winter wonderland ......

    did anyone else spend most of their way to work this morning watching the traction control light flash as your car fishtailed for grip ? :(
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