1. stwat

    Yes ! I found my reserve or wallet key

    Very happy am I. I had lost this key years ago and was gutted :'( But I have just rummaged around the cubby holes in my computer desk and out popped the key in it's original pouch :) It comes in a sealed pouch. Of which, mine has been opened. Some may think I'm sad, but this makes...
  2. S

    Serious wallet damaging potential

    In a hotel. Alone. 200 miles from home. Boredom sets in. I. Must. Be. Strong. Resist... I love this I can just imagine the telephone conversation with SWMBO later.
  3. Alex

    Original ML W164 Wallet & Manuals

    Original Wallet and Manuals for ML W164 2005-2008. £40 delivered - bank transfer £42 delivered - paypal
  4. Bobby Dazzler

    FS: Genuine Mercedes Blackberry Case / Wallet - New & Unused

    BRAND NEW and UNUSED I bought this case a while back from Mercedes-Benz of Bristol. It's completely unused and still in it's original packaging. The case is brown leather with a cream (nappa) leather interior - it has two credit card sized slots and a further slot for notes. I'm open to...
  5. D

    w211 e55 handbooks and wallet

    Does anyone have some or all of the above please. Handbooks for car and nav system wanted plus the leather case. Thanks
  6. J

    w124: where do you keep the owners wallet, I have no glovebox

    As the title says, without a glovebox, where do you keep the wallet with the manuals and service booklet? It wont fit under the front seats because of the electrics under there, the door pockets are too short so half of it sticks out. My old Audi had a slot under the steering wheel for...
  7. S

    WANTED: Mercedes Handbook Wallet

    As per title as cheap as possible please! ;)
  8. neilz

    W140 S320 Document wallet

    Does anyone have a document wallet for a 1997 S320? There are many of these on eBay: Mercedes Original Documents Wallet *NEW* W126 W124 W201 W123 W116 R107 Pouch | eBay but I'm sure it would have come with a nicer black one? Roughly £90 from Inchcape (I've enquired) - anyone have one cheaper?
  9. 2

    mercedes handbook wallet

    looking for a mercedes handbook wallet , the fabric type with the zip . if anyone has one for sale please let me know . thanks
  10. chriswt

    I'm struggling to keep my wallet shut!!

    If anymore like this pop up I'm going to end up a lot poorer and in need of another garage to hide it! eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace I'm sure these motors were going for £10k plus last week; can they go any lower?
  11. Palfrem

    V8 itch cured - wallet now braced for action

    Dear all I've finally got off the pot and shook hands on a 2003 CL 500 In silver with black leather, 51K, FMBSH I pick it up in two weeks when I get back from my holidays I'll miss the E320, it's great car but I need a bit more excitement and enjoyment. Crazy or what?
  12. BlackC55

    Phil Baker Phone me ASAP about your lost wallet

    Hi Phil I have just had a phone call and someone has found your wallet and my business card was in there and they phoned me. I have the lady's phone number and name who is holding your wallet. Give me a call on 07922 023450 :thumb: I am not at work to look up your phone number and this...
  13. A

    Mercedes owners handbook wallet

    If interested please PM me and i'll take it off ebay: Mercedes Owners handbook wallet on eBay (end time 08-Jan-10 23:37:08 GMT) From my old C200 (you can tell i loved that car)
  14. Carrotchomper

    UK Passport and wallet lightening service

    Folks, I have finally got around to filling in the form to renew my passport, having realised it runs out in a couple of months, and I am bound to miss out on some last minute trip of a lifetime if I don't (Not that I have been on any sort of foreign holiday, barring Scotland, in about...
  15. stwat

    190e owners manual and wallet

    I dont supose anyone has one going spare/for sale for the 190e 1990 model? All i got with my car was the service booklet. Id realy like to compliment it with the owners booklet and wallet :) Or can anyone help or tell me where i can get said items from? Many thanks, Stu :)
  16. NormanB

    W124 Estate Rear Wheel Bearing - Wallet Pain

    I know Sean F started a thread on diagnosing wheel bearing/diff noises but I did not want to hi-jack it. On returning from a family wedding on Sunday (160 miles form home) I noticed a noise from the rear end of the car, which sounded like the rear offside wheel. With windows open the noise...
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