1. T

    Stud walls

    I want to put a cabinet on my bathroom wall, it is a tiled stud wall so any ideas what to use as fixings to hold it up, I don't want to use what they call Toggles. Any ideas will be much appreciated.
  2. jhosk1981

    Cracked tyre walls

    Hi guys...how dangerous are cracked tyre walls? My new car sailed through the mot... But I noticed the rear tyres were cracked... Probably due to the low mileage done by the last owner. What do you think about running them for a bit?
  3. G

    Bloody Walls!

    Would you guys know what would be involved to fix? It's got AMG Side Skirts
  4. s88

    Walls cracking on Continental tyres

    father in laws CLC tyres have cracked in the walls and had to be replaced, car is not that old. MB dealer said nothing to do with them so an Indie tyre man has sent them back to Continental for a refund. Apparently there has been batches of tyres that have had this issue.
  5. M

    what are these pits in my cylinder walls?

    what are these pits in my cylinder walls? I discovered them after taking off the cylinder head to replace the gasket. Are they the death of the engine? The reason i took the head cylinder off is because there was alot of pressure in the cooling system and oil in there too...
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