1. P

    R129 W140 black leather and walnut steering wheel

    ....after a 1995 (pre facelift airbag) black leather and walnut steering wheel for an SL. Hen's teeth i know but worth a shot!
  2. D

    W124 walnut wood

    Hi, I'm in need of a walnut heater control surround, the wood trim above the radio It needs to be non air con and for an estate, i.e. Three cutouts on the left, one centre and one on the right for the buttons I also need a walnut ashtray for the same vehicle Thanks a lot
  3. SilverSaloon

    W124 centre trim walnut wood with heated seat switches

    hi i need a decent walnut wood trim for the centre around the gearbox W124 it needs to have the holes for x4 electric window switches and x2 heated seat switches + the usual mirror and child seat holes, Would also be interested in zebrano with same holes. PM me with what you have...
  4. T

    600 Grosser - Burl wood Walnut Instrument Cowel

    Hi Does anyone know why some M-B 600 W100 cars have full walnut instrument cowels and some don't?! Was it not standard equipment? Some 330 M-B have them too See pics below with and without!
  5. M

    WANTED: 124 Walnut or Sportline Gearknob & Boot Carpet

    Afternoon all. As above really. My existing walnut gearknob has become increasingly threadbare and therefore a bit wobbly! I'm after one which is of a darker walnut to match the interior of my facelift E320. Not great pics, but it must be like this one: Alternatively, I wouldn't mind...
  6. T

    500SL - R129 walnut centre consule

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can purchase a new walnut centre consul or have the existing one refurbished? Thanks, Tal
  7. D

    w124 zebrano vs walnut

    Whats the difference between zebrano and walnut? I have seen more walnut cars than zebrano but not sure if the later was a specific option or spec or did it cost more? Just wondering as mines zebrano...
  8. richard300

    W124 Walnut trim - Gone milky.

    Hi, I pick my 300ce up on Saturday. Its a Duchatelet model so has walnut/extended veneers - However, i noticed when i was viewing the car, that several of the trim pieces have gone milky (i guess this is the lacquer). Has anyone restored wood trims and if so, do you have any tips? I am...
  9. D

    w124 ce walnut bits

    Found these in my attic. They came with the car although previous owner had zebrano installed and thus all the walnut bits are here. Must be if use to someone. Scott
  10. M

    Upon finding a hair in one's pear and walnut chutney...

    ...what should one do? Just go ahead and eat it - it won't kill you? Dispose of the hair, but eat the rest of the chutney? Return the chutney to the victualler and request a refund? Demand compensation from the victualler in addition to a refund? Write a letter of complaint to the...
  11. D

    1994 s124 walnut ashtray question

    Walnut ashtray part # for my s124 is MA 124 810 15 30 but since a new one is £253+VAT, my question is... Was the part number the same for estates pre and post facelift? Or even across w124 / s124 / pre / post facelift? I'm hoping it is the same part obviously as it widens the...
  12. N

    Unused W211 Grey leather & burr walnut steering wheel

    A genuine MB item with the part # A211 460 0303 7F62, not some home made modified jobbie. This has never been fitted to any car & is in 'as new, been in a box for years' condition. Looking at EPC it appears it will fit any W211 or any W463 G Wagen. £320 cash on collection or £335 shipped...
  13. 300CE

    Mercedes W124 E Class Mushroom & Burr Walnut REAR centre console storage box

    This has been up before, but not sold as it seems he wants quite a bit for it: Mercedes W124 E Class Mushroom & Burr Walnut REAR centre console storage box . | eBay
  14. REI

    W124 Black Leather / Walnut steering

    Hi Im looking for Original Mercedes W124 Walnut / black steering, does anyone know where I can get one or If your looking to sell one please PM me. Thanks
  15. N

    Rare REAR W124 Mushroom & Burr Walnut console storage box.

    Rare is an over used word but I think this qualifies. I've only seen two of these in all the W124s I've seen. 1 crack you can see in the solid piece of walnut, slider is in good condition, Mushroom plastic undamaged. £125 shipped.
  16. REI

    Mercedes W124 CE Walnut Ash Tray

    Hi all I am looking for a Walnut ash tray for my W124 CE 230, if anyone has one or knows of where I can find one please let me know. Thanks
  17. N

    W126 Orion grey, Burr walnut storage box with key.

    Rarely ordered when new & very rarely seen now, this W126 Orion grey & Burr walnut front console storage box is in outstanding condition with no damage whatsoever to the grey cover, no cracks in the wood and with a working lock & key. £105 shipped. PM me with an email address for more & bigger...
  18. ss201

    W124/W201 Sportline steering wheel + 190E walnut

    For sale. Walnut gear selector surround, with all switches including front/rear speaker control + heater control surround & ash tray cover. Carefully removed from a 1993 Mercedes W201 LE. Walnut was an option only on the very last W201 Limited Edition models in 1993/4. Gear surround has a...
  19. N

    W220 Burl Walnut & Black Leather steering wheel.

    This is from a 2000 W220 S 500. It's the wheel with the with the buttons mounted either side of the airbag, part # A220 460 05 03 9C29. It will also fit a W215. It's in very good used condition with only the patina of gentle use showing. The stitching & leather are undamaged, the wood still...
  20. V

    r107 walnut trim removal

    I'm trying to remove the wood centre panel of an '86 300sl so I can replace a light bulb that lights the ventilation slider knobs. I successfully pulled out the ventilation knobs and removed the three screws which hold the wood to the panel. However I can't figure out how to remove the round...
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