1. M

    ACMS Mercedes Walsall - Excellent

    As some of you may know, I've been suffering starting issues with 'Gerta' for the past few weeks and although I know my way around cars it was baffling me, as well as my local MB dealer and another local garage, who I have used in the past. I've not been doing much travel lately, so the car has...
  2. S

    Hi everyone, new member here from walsall

    Hi to everyone. I'm a new member here. I took ownership of a SLK 200 AMG Sport a few months ago so I hope I qualify to join this group.
  3. C

    MJH Walsall

    Hi, does anyone have a contact number for MJH in Walsall. The number on their website and the two numbers given by another forum member in 2009 all appear to be dead...... Hopefully they have simply changed their number as they have had good feedback. Any info would be appreciated Thanks
  4. G

    Mjh cars, walsall

    Following on from the recent thread about them being closed at the moment. I've just spoken with Mark at some length. As reported earlier, there has been an issue with his "slient" business partner. Mark's hoping this will be resolved in the coming week or two and his premises should again be...
  5. C

    mjh specialist walsall

    does anybody kno what time they open been trying since 9 oclock?
  6. G

    MJH Cars, Walsall

    Anyone used them yet? My C200 is booked in for new front brake pads on 28th. They quoted what I feel is a very reasonable £71 all in and their attitude was extremely pleasant. I'll let everone know how I get on. If they're OK they will most likely get another job soon, servicing my C280 which...
  7. L

    New MB Indy in walsall west midlands

    this may be of intrest to Mb owners in this area there is a new MB indy just opened in Walsall he is x MB birmingham his name is Mark i have had a chat with him and he is bang on i am defo going to give him a go MJH Cars Mercedes independent specialist Littleton Street West Walsal WS2 8EW...
  8. Gucci

    Walsall Dealer stamped my book

    ....ok nothing interesting about that. However, I've never been there! When I bought my car, the service book was empty, but the lease company had the full record printed out. They didn't get the book stamped at the time. I rang them to explain, sent the book with a letter and they stamped it up...
  9. B

    Draytons in Walsall - B Service

    Has anyone got any experiences to share regarding the service dept in Draytons of Walsall?
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