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  1. Q

    Wanted 17" Wheels for CLK 350 A209

    I would like some original standard wheels for my 2005 CLK 350 Avantgarde. Preferable in reasonably good condition, i.e not in bits! Tyres not essential but would prefer something half decent and matching at least across the axles
  2. D

    Wanted 17" ADHARAZ Alloy Wheels

    Looking for a set of 17" Adharaz Staggered Alloy Wheels.Front Rim 7.5" ET36 P/N A2094010502 and Rear Rim 8.5" ET34 P/N A2034013502.(John 07799145075.Hastings).
  3. fatdazza

    Wanted 17" Adharaz Wheels for W203

    Anyone got any for sale? Please PM me. Thanks
  4. M

    Wanted: 17" SLK / CLK AMG Alloys x4 with Tyres

    Hi I am looking for a set of four alloys to suit CLK / SLK. These are the 17" Staggered AMG wheels that are fitted to the W208 CLK and the SLK of the same era. Look here for a photo of the alloys Mercedes AMG alloys 17" on eBay (end time 13-Nov-10 17:01:42 GMT) Any alloys in similar...
  5. L

    Wanted 17" Alloys for W124 e280 estate

    Wanted Alloys: 16 or 17" wheels 8 hole or 16 hole OEM or anything pref with tyres ... thanks
  6. M

    WANTED: 17" Ankaa wheels for W211 E320

    Hi I have 17" Ankaa wheels on my E class - but they require refurb... I was wondering if some kind soul(s) could help me with the following... Where is best to get this type of wheel refurbed ? - this also raises the questions of what do I do while the wheels are being done ? - is there...
  7. N

    Wanted 17" alloys for a W210?

    I have been scouring the ads and also Ebay for some 17" alloys for my W210, currently only have 15" OEMs from 1998 so would be great to update it and also add a little size to the wheels :) So the question is I haven't got bucket loads of cash to spend and although I would love a nice set of...
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