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  1. DaveE320CDI

    Wanted 18" W211 sport alloys

    Looking for a set of W211 sport alloys of the 10 double spoke type if anybody has some! cheers Dave
  2. DaveE320CDI

    Wanted 18" W211 sport alloys

    Looking for a set of w211 sport alloys as fitted to E280, E320, 10 spoke type cheers Dave
  3. DaveE320CDI

    Wanted 18" W211 sport alloys

    Hi, Looking for a set of W211 sport alloys, the 10 twin spoke type, cheers Dave
  4. S

    Wanted - 18" Monoblock alloys 5x112 for W124 Coupe

    Hi, After a set of these would also consider replicas but must be in good condition ?
  5. esprit200

    Wanted: 18" wheel to fit W209 CLK

    Hello, As the title, I am after a single wheel to swap around so I can refurbish my current set one by one. Needs to be 7-8" wide, offset around 35. I have a tyre to put on it, condition is unimportant (other than being straight and able to hold air). As cheap as possible! If someone is...
  6. zenman63

    Wanted 18" AMG III alloy

    I am looking for a front for a 203, 18" I bought x 4 and one has been lost in the post! Its a front 5 spoke design, I will get the part number up.
  7. O

    Wanted: 18" wheels/tyres for w202

    Pretty much as the title guys, anybody got anything? Don't mind travelling but would prefer courier. Cheers Jon
  8. N

    Wanted 18" eltanin wheels

    As above wanted eltanins must be within reasonable distance from Northampton.
  9. L_A

    Wanted 18" staggered wheels for w210

    I am looking for 18" staggered wheels for my w210 with tyres I would like the E55 AMG alloys however would consider others does anyone have anything I have wheels to swap if you require wheels they are the 17" avantgarde alloys with almost brand new tyres all round pic attached
  10. karlos280

    Wanted 18" amg alloys with tyres for w204 face lift style

    As title say I'm wanting the above alloys for my w204 must be good condition Cash waiting I'm in nottingham Thank you
  11. MushroomGaz

    WANTED - 18" AMG Front Alloy - Mercedes Part A209 401 0802

    Desperately seeking 18" AMG Alloy - Mercedes Part A209 401 0802 for CL600 after kerbing of mine yesterday! Many thanks ... Newbie Member Gary
  12. S

    Wanted: 18" AMG Alloys

    Looking for a set of AMG alloys to fit my w209 clk. I believe that SL wheels should fit too, but will check if there is any uncertainty. Thanks for looking!
  13. Justin1600

    Wanted 18" Staggered Monoblocks

    As title, in need of a set of Staggered 18" Monoblocks for my C43 AMG :thumb:
  14. Ant-toe-knee

    Wanted 18" E Class sport alloys

    Don't seem to be many around . Thanks
  15. Justin1600

    Wanted 18" Monoblock W210 E55 Staggered Wheels

    As above, proper staggered one's as fitted to Olly's C43 :thumb:
  16. AnilS

    Wanted - 18" Alloys for SL320 (R129)

    As titled. Year of SL320 is 1999. Looking for Mercedes or AMG alloys in good condition. They don't have to be perfect so corrosion and the odd kerb mark acceptible. No buckled or cracked alloys will be considered. Looking for 18" x 8.5J (all four) but will consider a staggered setup. I have...
  17. A

    Wanted 18" Rucha Style Alloys

    Anyone know if anyone is selling a set or know of where I can get hold of these please? Thanks Amrit
  18. mickl

    Wanted: 18" AMG alloys

    looking for a set of staggered width alloys to fit a CLK W208, with or without tyres. let me know what you have
  19. 9

    Wanted 18" staggered wheels+sprintbooster

    as per topic 18" staggered 18x8.5j and 18x9.5j with or without tyres what have ye? also would like a sprintbooster for a clk w209 2004
  20. L_A

    Wanted 18" E55 AMG alloy styling 2

    Wanted amg styling 2 E55 AMG alloy wheel 1 only needed 18" x 9" rear anyone selling one or know where i could get one from thanks
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