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    Wanted - 19" Double 7 Spoke Wheels

    Hi Am looking for 4 x 19" Double 7 Spoke Mercedes wheels to go on my W212 E350 CDI Saloon. Pic below. Thanks
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    Wanted: 19" Alloys to fit W211

    Looking for a set of 19" alloy wheels (and tyres as well if available) to fit an S211. Brabus, Lorinser, Carlsson, AMG, forged etc etc No copies. From memory the W211 offset is 37. Thanks.
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    Wanted 19" alloys, WHY

    Looking for a set of 19's for my 03 SL500. If you have any let me know and I will consider? Thanks
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    Wanted 19" Split rim type VI offset 30

    As heading, I know their rare, but would anyone have one genuine Mercedes AMG 19" split rim type VI wheel, offset 30. Dont really mind what condition the wheel in, as long as its repairable, as it is going to be refurb anyway to match the others. I only need the one wheel.
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    WANTED: 19" Brabus Monoblock VI IN CHROME

    anyone know where to get these in the UK? money is no issue. Only place i found em is in US and the guy wont send them to the UK!
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