1. T

    Annoying rattle when engine warm

    Just got my first ever Mercedes and I love it. I own a 2004 C270 CDI. One problem I have is that there is a rattling noise (not sure where it's coming from) can be heard in the cockpit. It can only be heard once the engine has warmed up a bit and seems to get faster and louder upon acceleration...
  2. M

    Smoke and diesel knock after warm up

    Help. While cold perfect (about 5mins). Then smoke with loads of soot in it. After further few minutes a diesel knock and missing lumpy drive. Not sure if it's fuel related or head gasket/ cracked block etc. It's started while driving along. Fine, been driving for an hour or so then loads of...
  3. A

    Warm feeling

    Everytime I go to drive or turn the key on my ml63 5.5 bi turbo Amazeballs
  4. bigbug

    e320 cdi w210 (s210) intermittent non-start and cutout when warm

    2002 Avantgarde, She starts fine when cold; but, occasionally cuts-out when warm and quite predictably fails to start when warm. usually a cooling off period helps. When she fails to start she will crank and usually try to fire-up, often running very rough, before 'dropping off'. This started in...
  5. D

    Auto switch egr shunt off/on after warm up

    I've got a bit of spare time coming up and looking to expand the egr shunt mod so its off until engine is warm. I'm not in the UK these days and where I am in winter can be -20 for a good month so getting warm up times back to pre shunt would be ideal. I've searched long and hard but can't...
  6. T

    Small misfire when warm W169 A150

    Hi My wife's A150 has a very small misfire, or more like an intermittent judder (very small) when the engine is warmed up. You can only really feel it when sat in traffic or when cruising at a constant speed. The rev counter doesn't even dip when it occurs but it is just noticeable. We still...
  7. T

    fresh air Cool Face & Warm Feet which cars do it ?

    Driving Home Late from leicester the other night really in need of a coffee but didnt want to stay awake till the early hours I Lamented that in all of my cars bar the 124 i cant have warm air on my feet / lower Body and cool Fresh air on my face A great combination when driving and feeling...
  8. P

    Unusually warm weather according to my car.

    Unless my car has the power to see into the future and its predicting desert like temperatures on our way I think there is something wrong. The temp reading on the right hand digital readout is was saying today it was 63 degrees in Preston. Obviously it wasn't so what is the likely problem?
  9. T

    Vito 108 cdi wont rev over 3000rpm when warm.

    My Vito 108cdi 2003 with 99000 miles is playing me up again. I solved the non starting problem with having all 4 injectors overhauled, and now I've started to use it, when it gets near normal running temp it wont rev over 3000 rpm as if its got a limiter on it. Been advised it could be the mass...
  10. poormansporsche

    C43 heated seats, taking ages to warm up ?

    Just fitted them, they get there eventually but don't seem overly warm to the touch ? Is this correct ? My ole Volvo ones heated up in seconds and were lovely. I've been sitting in the car for 10 minutes and I've only just got a toasty bum ! That was reswitching on setting 2 a couple of times...
  11. M

    '95 W202 C180 (no MAF) hesitation and hard to start after warm

    Hello all! Im looking to get some advice regarding our trusty old W202 Merc. Its an early (1995 model) C180, with the M111 engine that came without a MAF sensor. Its just turned over 300,000kms on the clock not so long ago. Here's the issue - car would do a cold start during mornings just...
  12. E240estate

    W638 Vito won't warm up

    2002 W638 2.2 108CDI Vito. I've just bought this van with suspected head gasket failure. Pressure tested and leak (gas) tested the system and both tests indicate HG OK. Drove it for the first time this weekend, about 15 miles in total, up some steep hills, along a national speed limit...
  13. developer

    A Warm And Fuzzy E63 Review

    Not exactly packed with tech speak and petrolhead jargon, but a nice read all the same :thumb:. https://www.carwow.co.uk/car-reviews/Mercedes/E63-AMG
  14. D

    W202 Heat is either hot or cold... no warm

    Hey all, Trying to sort out the heat on my GF's 1999 C230 Kompressor. It is the "Classic" trim level so it has the twin temp knobs and the dials for the blower and vents, not the digital climate control system fitted to many of them The passenger side previously worked fine and the heat...
  15. D

    W203 Cdi 220 Warm start up

    Hi, I have a CDI 220, not on cold starts but randomly on warm start up car keeps cranking and does not start, wait 5/10 mins starts fine and drives fine. Any ideas what problem could be? I have researched the following : Crank shaft Sensor Cam shaft Sensor Injector leaking
  16. E

    cl203 autbox problems when engine warm

    I have owned my car for a week and discovered that there is a problem with the outbox when the engine is warm, rather than cold. My daily drive is around 6-7 miles and when I make that journey, the engine and gearbox are lovely and smooth and a pleasure to drive, you barely notice the...
  17. MancMike

    Warm white interior LEDs?

    Hi, All. I've been looking for a LED lights pack to replace the bulbs throughout the interior. The desired effect is brighter lighting, in the foot well, overhead, etc. The problem is, all I can find are cool white LEDs which have a kelvin of around 10,000k. The car is red, and it's an...
  18. T

    No warm air from heaters

    Hi,i have a 350sl 2003,the heaters no longer blow hot air only cold is there some kind of solenoid valve to allow hot water through any advice would be great
  19. Shez

    w203 c220cdi auto saloon 2003 limp mode once car warm

    Hi ' everyone , I'm new to the forum so please excuse my lack of knowledge and information . Any help would be greatly appreciated . I am stuck with my recently purchased cc220cdi classic saloon 2003 w203 143hp auto 168,000 miles . The problem I am having is going into limp mode once the...
  20. C

    W203 - Climatic blowing warm air even when set to cold

    On my W203 the vents are blowing warm air on all but the minimum temp setting. I've tried doing the blower vents-reset (to no avail) and will be getting a diagnostic done mid-week, but what I have been told is that it's likely one of 2 sensors - either the temp sensor housed behind the vent in...
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