1. B

    Engine Oil Warning light

    Hi all I was driving a normal route to see someone and it is a 4hr journey, I have done this many times and no problem, but this time I had a red warming light come on the dash !!! it said something like "Engine Oil Warning" too much fluid, remove some"" or something similar now all the...
  2. D

    Exxon chilled about Global Warming

    Claims are surfacing that ExxonMobil scientists confirmed fossil fuels were causing climate change decades ago, but publicly embarked on a campaign of denial. From the Guardian: Members of Congress have asked for a federal investigation into whether ExxonMobil broke the law by intentionally...
  3. G

    Tire pressure Warming reset

    I have read all threads about how to reset the tire pressure Warming system. I get the warning when I start the car. However, the tire inflation pressure monitor dialog to reset does not come up on my display whatever buttons I Press. I also had to adjust the clock and found a lot of info...
  4. B

    Cooling fan runs very fast during warming up i.e. The engine is still cold.

  5. M

    E320 cdi V6 Rough Running when warming up

    Hi Guys 2006 E320 cdi V6 Sport 90k FMBSH I'm having an issue with my E320 cdi and wondered if anyone could help. Some time ago I posted on this forum about the tapping noise that was coming from the engine. Following several visits to indies and MB dealer, I was told that it was quite...
  6. A

    BNS warming on fault code

    Help!!!! So on the diagnostics box. BNS is showing. Which is??????? T T
  7. stwat

    The Great Global Warming Swindle Full Movie

    The proof that all the greens like to ignore. Oh but we are the ones denying the truth that we have ruined the world and have to pay 'green taxes' all over the place !! The feckkers have exploited this floored theory to rape us all and make us feel guilty for nothing !! What fecks me off...
  8. I

    E320 CDi not warming up

    Hi all, I have a 53 plt E320 CDI . Anyway, I know its damn cold outside at the moment but my Merc does not warm up at all - after journey to work ( 1/2 hr - 15miles) I have 1 bar showing on the temp gauge - warm air from the heater is pathetic. Stuck thermostat or is this normal ? Should I...
  9. Palfrem

    Global warming and rising sea levels

    So how does this pan out then? BBC News - Undersea mountains march into the abyss What about "rising sea levels"??
  10. SAFC

    Warming Up The Engine at Idle Speed.

    My dear old Dad, God Bless his Soul, was an outstanding engineer - albeit in a different era to what we have these days. Cars without points?!! He'd have wanted THAT throroughly explained to him!! Dad alway told me to let the engine warm up before engaging the clutch and puting weight on the...
  11. MangoMan

    Co2 = Global Warming? Don't think so!

    More like Government + Higher Taxes = More Poverty = More Control! I know which side of the fence I'm standing...... :mad: This is the link to Part 1. There are 8 parts in total. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvSJQQuOtxg&feature=related Cheers.
  12. Matt32AMG

    Global Warming

    and given all the hype and top international meetings with powers that know best etc etc........or so we're told. err, anyone of them bothered to look outside by any chance, or even better, stuck their respective heads outside the front door :doh: :doh: As one small Polar Bear said to his...
  13. Benzowner

    Proof of Global warming

    click on the sat cam of the north pole Global Warming
  14. L

    W124 260E - curious misfire when warming up

    Hello chaps! My F reg 260E's occasionally experiencing a choppy idle & stuttering at low revs ten minutes or so after starting out from cold (fine higher up the rev range). I've had a search through the forum and it appears there's a few things to try - however this one's slightly different...
  15. mikebro

    passenger seat heat pads not warming up

    Hi All, the passenger seat heating pads are not warming up and I was wondering if anyone had some advice as to how i may do some simple and rudimentary troubleshooting (nothing complicated please). I am a bit nervous to start pulling things to pieces, but some inital checks would be helpful...
  16. masher_uk

    'Global warming'

    could someone just run that concept by me again...:crazy:
  17. R

    Global warming hits the garden of England!

    I live in Kent:crazy:
  18. D

    Global Warming - A lot of hot air

  19. D

    AT cooling(and warming up ?) via radiator

    Hi... The AT box cooling is via radiator of the engine through some pipes passing in. So ; - Does the AT box has a thermostat to give the fluid way to radiator when hot? -Does the radiator only cools the AT fluid down, or the other way (in cold weather) it may warm the fluid up ...
  20. verytalldave

    Global warming?

    We have just experienced the coldest Easter for 44 years. So where is the PROOF of this so called effect? In the words of Victor Meldrew............I dont believe it.
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