1. I

    My cancer story - To warn others.

    Bruce's brave post has given me the courage to give another viewpoint. Bruce, you were very fortunate to get such excellent and timely care. Timeliness is all in treating cancer, which is where our stories diverge. At the beginning of December 2011 I was admitted to our local hospital by...
  2. Lipsylee

    Anti roll bar warn under new bushes and knocking

    Hello , My anti roll / sway bar is knocking after putting new rubbers on . I have noticed that they metal bit under the bushes had worn , I added a bit of tape inside the bushes to make it a big tighter fit and it was ok for 2 weeks but now knocking again . Any ideas on what I can do without...
  3. ringway

    Driver who flashed others to warn of police speed trap is fined £175.

    Driver, 64, who flashed headlights to warn fellow motorists of speed trap hauled to court and fined for 'obstructing police' Michael Thompson believed he was doing his 'civic duty' by alerting drivers on the opposite side of a dual carriageway. He is seen here outside Grimsby...
  4. com

    Canary Wharf Motorexpo 2005 (MB shots 56k warn)

    Just wondering if anyone else on here popped along ? Was not a bad show considering it was free. Quite a lot of people but yet well spaced out to prevent too much bumping into others. At the MB booth the biggest attraction was probably the CLS while overall I would say it was the Aston booth...
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