1. BarryWhitt

    Garmin sat nav SD card can l add speed camera warnings?

    Just wondered if anyone has any experience of taking out their sd card from their car and adding speed cameras to it from my PC. I have another Garmin unit with lifetime updates which as standard has speed camera notification. Thanks for any replies.
  2. Oxonmb

    Traffic warnings

    Anyone else lost traffic build ups on their command system? went about 2 weeks ago.
  3. MSG2004

    Command, Speed camera warnings

    Hi My GLE has the command nav system, I think it's Garmin. I have been reading threads/etc still can't work out what I need to do Someone said load up via "POI" I have a mobile phone but rarely use therefore on a PAYG What is the easy way to get speed cam warnings on my nav system or a...
  4. T

    Music on while car turned off - batt warnings?

    Hi All I have a 2011 W212, sometimes I have car turned off and listen to music (audio 50 iPod interface) if I've got a long wait, after half an hour I always get a bit worried and switch it off as i'm worried about the battery going flat. Question was, is there any protection built in that...
  5. T

    BAS/ESP/ABS warnings

    Hi, Not sure im posting in the correct section, but..... Been looking at a 1999 e320 cdi problem for a friend. I have read through a fair amount of posts with regard to these warning lights on the dash. I have put a scanner on the car and have the following error codes - C1140-16...
  6. B

    ESP/ABS/BAS and cruise control warnings

    Hi, Got back from hols and fired up the car which has been standing for three weeks. ESP/ABS/BAS warnings and the cruise control is kaput. I've done some research here and the best guess seems to be the brake switch. Now, all the brake lights are working. Would this still be a possibility...
  7. S

    Dashboard warnings...

    Okay, so I am delighted with my CL (500, W215, 2006/55) - the engine and gearbox are sublime, the car itself is very nearly immaculate: it's black so it's not the most forgiving colour for stonechips, but I can live with a couple - in all, it's a damn sight nicer than my last car, a Hyundai...
  8. 219

    Police Scotland to issue formal warnings

    to drivers caught 'just over speed limits' . Various sources Police can offer formal warnings to drivers just over the alcohol limit | UK | News | Daily Express Police to issue formal warnings to drivers who are just over the speed limit - Daily Record Police Scotland crackdown on speeding...
  9. C

    Bulbs and warnings W204

    Can someone confirm how many bulbs I should have in the rear cluster of my 204, and has anyone had issues with in dash warnings? I had a warning that my front side light /parking bulb had gone a few weeks back.. Checked the lights and they seem fine to me.. It stayed for 24hrs then the warning...
  10. Silver CL55

    Front fog light and left side light warnings at the same time, anything mysterious?

    Or do I just need new bulbs? I just thought it strange that the both came on at the same time. Car is a w219 CLS55 C.
  11. brucemillar

    Kent Police issue theft warnings to Mercedes Sprinter Van Drivers/Owners

    Kent Police are warning owners of Sprinter vans to be on the lookout. Apparently they are top of the league for Catalytic Convertor thefts in Kent. Thieves have the removal process down to a fine art. Sprinter vans, it seems, are easy targets well suited to this type of crime.
  12. Jumbojim

    ABS BAS ESP Warnings lights on

    These lights have appeared on my CL500 /2002, but at the same moment the Power Stearing became heavy. What connects them all?
  13. M

    Dash Warnings and does anyone know what this graphic means?

    All, I've had a few spurious warnings displayed on the dash of my C Class with 200 miles on clock. If the cars been stood for a few hours and I set off driving, when the doors lock, the dash including Comand screen go off for 1/2 a second and come back on - normally accompanied by a "Parking...
  14. R

    Stop Lamp & BAS Warnings

    Hi, It's been a while since I posted on here, I've been sans Mercedes for a few years until a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, my return to the marque is already tainted somewhat! I have a '00 W203 C220CDi, on which I recently replaced the rear SAM after it was knackered by an un-knowing...
  15. MarcelKan

    undervoltage consumer detective warnings.

    Good day everyone. I've got the warning message on my car dashboard 'under voltage consumer detective' when I drives the car about few miles from start. Could it be the battery or the alternator problems?? Thanks.
  16. cheffy

    Malfunction warnings

    I have just changed two bulbs, right brake light & left side number plate, I am still getting the warnings, but I now get a new one saying, rear offside side light, then, auxiliary bulb in use !! The number plate bulbs are both working, as is the right brake light,as is the oddside side light ...
  17. C

    BAS ESP anti lock braking warnings

    Hey new to the site got a 99 clk 320 altogether a clean car but keep having the above warning lights come on every now and then I've checked brake fluid, fuses etc an everything seems ok it drives normally and brakes seem to work as normal if anyone can help that would be great
  18. F

    w220 cluster warnings

    Hi , my 2005 s320 seems to have the following issues ,none of which is disasterous but have caused problems so ! 1. I do not get any low battery warnings when the battery voltage is low ( went flat the other day , sat much too long with side lights on ! (( had battery replaced now)) ) 2...
  19. st13phil

    France bans sat navs with speed camera warnings

    Just picked this up on a motorcycle forum I frequent...
  20. G

    Help fault warnings on EPS, ABS, BAS

    Hello people where do I start, I have a 2001 mb e320 avantgarde v6 petrol, went shopping yesterday left car in carpark when i came back car started okay but would not disengage from park display showing 3 faults EPS, ABS and BAS. Used a tool in the gearlever to disengage from park and got the...
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