1. Billy albert

    Warrantee on battery

    It looks like mb batts have 3 yr warrantee from what I looked up , my question is the original invoice is not in my name as is the previous owner , can I still claim the warrantee ?
  2. S

    warrantee issues ?

    Ok I pick up my new car tomorow and the merc dealer has given me a 12 month warantee so if someone who is kind enough to tell me what to look for on issues that may have not been put right this is for the 07 E320 series things like gearbox , engine , electrical , exterior , interior . anything...
  3. carnut

    Extended Warrantee info and my data

    Just had a phone call from AA Extended Warrantee who quoted me top "gold" cover for my car for £600 pa which he said would caover everything including my roof electrics {SL350}...we will see just what they cover when the paperwork arrives:cool: Having said i would like further info the...
  4. R

    MB Colindale Warrantee repairs

    How to trash a car. They had the car 8 days for warrantee work, and returned it with these aditional faults (see photos). BODGERS!!!! I gave it to them with a list on the passenger seat (which they claim to have lost) of about 18 faults. I also faxed them the list (which they claim to have...
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