1. O

    extended warranties general opinions?

    i have just been quoted £780 for a 1 year tier 1 extended warranty on my 4yo e350 estate w212. already paying out £37/mth for service contract. have tried shopping around for another warranty but struggling to find a deal. tempted to chance not bothering. any advice would be welcomed? thanks
  2. RobertoMercini

    MB Extended warranties - to buy or not to buy?

    I've read a couple of threads that make mention of such warranties but my used approved warranty is almost done and as you'd expect, MB have contacted me with my options. No guess as to cost yet but I thought I'd canvass opinion - a 4 year old e coupe that's covered 40k and will do no more than...
  3. Giantvanman

    Comand or After Market and MB Warranties

    I didn't specify Comand in my brand new Vito 122 Sport because I thought the price was bit steep for what it is. It remains to be seen if that was the correct choice. I had fitted an excellent Kenwood 'all-in-one' to my Saab 9-5 2.3T HOT when it was a few months old but I left that with the...
  4. M

    Warranties available for 180,000 miles

    Hi all, I've just bought a S320 CDI auto and was looking for anyone who does a extended warranty for cars with this mileage on, alot of the companies only do upto 140k Can anyone advise? Thank you Steve
  5. T

    Aftermarket warranties

    Are any of these aftermarket warranties any good? I have heard some horror stories about some, but surely some of them are sensible or am I in dream land? Any experiences (good ones I mean)?
  6. sinewave

    Car Care Plan Warranties?

    Picking up a E320 CDi Sport Estate next weekend from a non-franchised dealer and have a week to decide if I would like the above warranty with it. Car is 2007 with 90K on the clock FMBSH Warranty comes out at £450 / £750 or £999 for 1 to 3 years Ultimate warranty cover. What do you guys...
  7. W

    Are motor parts warranties passed on to a second owner?

    My newly acquired MX5 has coilover suspension that is 6 months old, as fitted by the previous owner. I noticed yesterday that there is quite a bit of rust on the spring adjustment thread. So I contacted the previous owner who told me where he bought the parts from. The reply from the...
  8. developer

    Aftermarket warranties - watch those labour rates

    This isn't a post about the rights and wrongs of aftermarket warranties...... As part of the deal on my recent purchase I negotiated a 6 month additional warranty from the Sytner dealer, called Warrantywise. The salesman told me it was Sytner's preferred product and they are one of the...
  9. comports

    used car warranties

    Hi oh learned friends... Your thoughts please and experiences if you have them... I've just bought a 54 plate Range Rover TD6. 46,000 miles and full history from a small dealer (not main agent) with a self underwritten 3 month warranty. Probably not worth a great deal though and I was wondering...
  10. simon1966

    Warranties - Tier 1?

    Hi All, I am thinking of getting a warranty on my S211 E55 Estate (2004 with 43K miles). I haven't had my car very long as I only bought it in May, it came with a 6 month warranty from an indepenent dealer, so now coming to it's end. What are your thoughts and recommendations? Just got a...
  11. G

    RAC warranties...

    hello, Iv been looking at cl500s and theres one with rac but would an rac warranty be suitable with the annoying abc valves on struts and the pump? Thanks Alex
  12. H

    Better Mercedes Warranties?

    Better Mercedes Warranties? How long will it be before Mercedes respond to the growing number of car-makers who are offering longer guarantees? Kia offered the 7 year warranty to set the cat amongst the pigeons. And it is transferable on sale of the car. Toyota followed recently with a 5...
  13. W

    Warranties - Are they worth it - Advice

    Hi As I am looking to buy a Sept 2004 E270 CDI with 83K on the clock, I was wondering whether or not you experts think it would be worth banging a warranty on it. It comes with 28 days Engine & Gearbox warranty and that is it. If I do take the plunge it has to be with a company who will...
  14. D

    3rd Party Warranties?

    Hi I've just gotten my 1st MB. (2003 C200K Avantgarde). I've been looking at the possibility of getting a warranty for it. Are there any worthwhile ones out there? Reading a lot of "not worth the paper they are written on" etc. Thanks Drew
  15. flango

    Purchasing a Used Car Rights & Warranties for the seller.

    Ok heres a scenario that I would welcome some views on from traders and anyone that might have experienced this. We are about to sell some cars through our business, the cars have currently been used by family members spouses etc but are registered to the business a limited company. So to keep...
  16. Londonscottish

    Any experiences of Auto Protect warranties

    Hi, My car came with a dealer-supplied warranty from Auto Protect. For what it's worth it's the "MBI Premier Plus", underwritten by Red Sands insurance. I've no idea if it's a good.bad/indifferent warranty and I haven't got the handbook that should go with it (I'll order one next week)...
  17. GordonTarling

    Current rust warranties

    I'm looking to change my present E320cdi Estate convertible (converting to iron oxide!) for something newer. I'm really tempted to go for a W211 E320cdi around a year old, but I'm very bothered about what it's going to look like in 10 years time. Will it be dissolving into iron/aluminium oxide...
  18. BobbyHowie

    MB Extended Warranties no more

    Just picked up my SL from my dealer after its service. They very nicely informed me the brake pads should be renewed in May before my extended warranty expires. Told them I'd be renewing it again and that it could wait but they told me MB are no longer offering it - just a service and parts...
  19. Sp!ke

    Lifetime warranties on parts?

    This woman bought a battery with a lifetime warranty in 1960 something and has had 16 replacements gratis on her 590,000 mile Mercury Comet. :D Video here Video of Romancing the Road by Growing Bolder, at growingbolder.com She certainly loves that car.
  20. P


    W203 C180K clasic SE auto 2003 21000miles Hi Just purchased this car from a second hand dealer with 3 months warranty on it. What would you guys recommend warranty wise when this runs out? A warranty purchase off the net or a MB dealer warranty or other?
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