1. Campoos90

    Help with Warranty needed

    Hello everyone Last weekend I went to carry the service of my w204 in the MB dealership and they found that the turbo intercooler pipe was completely blown up. The AA warranty said that they two things. 1. They do not cover pipes or hoses... 2. IMPORTANT*** ' The dealer cancelled the...
  2. jonnymerc

    Apple iPhone 7 plus 128 GB with 4 months apple warranty and apple watch

    Selling Apple iPhone 7 plus 128GB gold in mint condition comes with DBRAND white carbon fibre skin ( which can be removed Also navy official apple silicon case has had a screen saver on the front Phone is 8 months old still has apple warranty Looking for 620 ono plus ppm Also a apple watch...
  3. John

    Warranty renewal.

    I will soon be given the opportunity to renew my warranty. I've always been a staunch self-warrant advocate but given the right price, I am considering and I've never been in this boat with MB before. What puts me off is having to use MB for servicing. I've read people who have...
  4. G

    AMG used car warranty

    Hi, I know Merc dealers used to offer a 2 year warranty on AMG models, does anyone know if that is still the case or if they give just the standard Mercedes one year warranty? Cheers Gerry
  5. I

    Ball Engineer II Genesis 125th Anniversary Automatic Watch - New in Box with Warranty

    Ball Engineer II Genesis 125th Anniversary Automatic Watch. New and unworn in box and still under warranty. Comes with original receipt, tags, handbook, warranty card, box etc. £1430 new. Can post insured for £10 though cash on collection preferred. £1150 ono
  6. John

    MB 2 year warranty.

    I've seen a couple of posts in recent months where it has been stated you get a 2 year warranty with an approved used MB. https://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/2453278-post21.html Having looked on the MB site previously, and just now, I can't see any mention of 2 year warranty. Approved Used...
  7. A

    Minor bumper repair- paint/corrosion warranty

    There are as few minor marks on the rear bumper I'd like to have corrected on my car. It's under warranty for another 2 years (paint/corrosion warranty might be a separate one?) so if I want these marks fixed does it need to go to a MB approved workshop so the warranty isn't void?
  8. X

    Towbar- Still under warranty.

    I am more than interested in getting a towbar for my 2015 CLS Shooting brake. I have 8 months manufacturers warranty left so am not wanting to void that side of things. At the moment it is more for transporting cycles on a towbar carrier, so could possibly get away without the electrics side...
  9. J

    Amg extended mercedes warranty

    Interested to know how many people actually claim on their warranty or do most renew just for peace of mind?
  10. S

    Warranty and Service Plan - Am I mad or sensible?

    All I have a 2009 C63 which has a warranty and service pack - I pay about £200pcm - £2400 per annum. Would I be better off just throwing this in a slush fund? I am concerned that a warranty offers peace of mind - a few friends have, in the last year, had eye watering bills due to engine...
  11. SomebodyCalledJ

    Full Warranty Re-spray Collection

    After 5 weeks in the Body shop I am collecting my car tomorrow, it has had a full re-spray under warranty, plus some private work consisting of the bumpers and side skirts being painted too. I have read a few horror stories of rust underneath seals, due to removal during the process, bad...

    Warranty Quote

    Hi Just been quoted 2121.33 for two years by the dealer and 3066.40 by the company, theing being Warrantywise. Good deal or not?, considering that the Tier 1 is about 3000 from Mercedes for one year. S600 is the car
  13. k15yeo

    C63 amg V8 6.3 2008 Mercedes Warranty

    Here is my Stunning C63 AMG one of the last hand built V8s, in Immaculate Showroom Condition. This car is a 'Mercedes Used Approved' car with 3 months full 'Tier 1' Mercedes warranty left. Its just had New Genuine Front Pads and Discs and A New Battery fitted from main dealer. Recently had a...
  14. D

    What is the paintwork warranty on a 2008 SL

    What is the paintwork warranty on a 2008 SL? I ask as Mercedes are refusing to address rust on the back window frame on my wife's 2008 SL500. The car has a full MB service history. My understanding is the bodywork is warranted for 13 years subject to having a full service history although...
  15. R

    tier one warranty R172 55 7.3K miles

    Hi, had my wife announce to me this afternoon, that should we deem to keep the car from its ending lease in June, the MB tier one warranty is £2,100, jeez, does anyone here know if this is correct..? are there any other choices to be had, my prime worry would be the roof going wrong.:( Thx
  16. mcshape

    Adaptive Main Beam assist INOPERATIVE! 3 weeks left on warranty!

    Hey everyone!, This is my first post, delighted to be here. Have trwled the threads the last 2 weeks about this error but said i would ask the question see if anyone could advise. I have a 2010 W212 E200 CDI Avantgarde with the Active BiXenon lights. About a month ago the drivers side xenon went...
  17. D

    Any c63 maps that wouldn't effect Warranty ?

    Seen a Renntec box on a A45 that just is easily removed
  18. M.A.94

    What's Samsung warranty like?

    So I have a Samsung note 4. I actually like the phone a lot even a year into owning it. Not bored of it at all the screen size is ideal to surf the net, use as a sat nav and stream movies etc. No real complaints with the phone design, however recently my phone has started to reboot whilst in the...
  19. Chillbrazl

    MB 30 Year Anti Corrosion Warranty - A BIG ONE

    Hi Whilst I have have several MB's in the past I have been more of a Land Rover person in particular I left MB after a huge problem with an MB Dealer finally resolved after many months of correspondence by an excellent an honest Customer Service Director (no longer in that position now) however...
  20. V

    Headbolts and warranty direct

    Anyone had them payout for the work? What would the total approx cost be to replace the bolts anyway i think someone quoted how much it would cost to replace them aswell as other parts such as buckets and cam tensioners? Would you need to do all? I.e would replacing headbolts sort all...
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