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  1. T

    Interior light, seatbelt warning light and rear wash/wipe

    Evening all, I recently bought a '91 300TE and there are a couple of things that are not working. The front interior light works when switched to 'on' and 'map reading' settings but will not operate when in 'door' mode. If I open the door the interior light does not come on but will flick...
  2. M

    ML 270 Screen Wash/Wipe Not Working

    When I pull the stork to wash the front screen on my 2003 ML 270 nothing happens. The wipers do not move and the water does not spray (and the there is no sound from either the wiper motor or the water pump). Does anyone know what may be the problem? The wipers work in the other positions.
  3. S

    wash/wipe problems

    My C220K wash/wipe has ceased to work. Will I need a new stalk for indicators/wiperswash/wipe or could it be a simple repair problem?
  4. Levismerc

    W123 headlamp wash/wipe

    Hi all, The headlamp wipers on my w123 have stopped functioning. The wash function still works though. Both wipers have stopped working at the same time so I don't think it's the motors - I'm assuming it may be a relay and if so will I find it behind the instrument cluster? Thanks for any...
  5. verytalldave

    Rear window wash/wipe

    For the last 25 or so years I have owned either hatchbacks or estates. I now own a W203 and very nice it is too. I just miss being able to wipe the rear window free of rain etc on the move. Why dont manufacturers of "normal" cars fit rear wipers? :confused:
  6. R

    W124 headlight wash/wipe

    Afternoon all, First post here, so hi to everyone! I've just bought a 95 E320 Coupe, how chuffed am I? Couple of niggles though, main one is the headlight wash/wipe. Neither of the wipers nor the pump are working. So far I've only checked the fuse, which is OK. The drivers side park light...
  7. C

    Rear wash/wipe

    My newly aquired C250TD Est. naturally has rear w/w. However, the 'wipe only' behaves in a way that, to me, seems less than satisfactory. When switched on it will complete a wipe of about 110 degrees, and then pause for a few seconds (I have not counted how many). It then restarts its travel and...
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