1. merc85

    That just washed look

    Cant beat that just washed look lol, Gave her a good wash after a short trip to Ipswich and Back:D
  2. T

    Daughter at malaga airport with washed passport

    Just Got a Phonecall from my daughter at Malaga airport her fiancee washed both their passports this afternoon his picture has dissolved completely her passport is blurry and " stuck together " This monday is Bank Hol in Spain so they could be stuck there till tuesday at earliest? Any...
  3. R

    Today a car gets washed ;)

    I know that some of you don't like my car cleaning threads, but some others are interested. Today it isn't supposed to rain and so I'm intending to do my spring detail. Cotton buds at the ready. It's 7.45am and time to start!
  4. Booyakajon

    Washed and polished C63

    Spent the day washing & polishing my new baby - all's working well now following the initial breakdown! 651 miles in & it's fantastic!
  5. C

    Washed from my water butt

    Like many I suppose, I am in a official 'drought' area and therefore have a hospipe ban. Got fed up not being able to use my pressure washer so bought the Karcher suction kit for my K3. It is way too short and TBH its only the end fittings that are of use i.e. filter one end and screw fitting...
  6. AbbieCadabra

    just noticed that my CLK cabrio roof is a right mess after MB 'washed' it!

    i was very happy with the service from Derby last week for the CLK's 4 year service & MOT. until today, just noticed the state of the roof on the passenger side. it's the first time it's rained since i had it back & the roof being damp clearly shows that a jet wash has been used very, very...
  7. pagzzy

    just washed the car and not happy

    not a happy bunny ive just cleaned the car and found a gapping hole in the lower mesh grille. Anyone know where i could get this replaced and if it is a DIY job ??? thanks 2010 c63 amg
  8. bpsorrel

    S211 and 300C estate...

    Just thought this was funny.. My S211 and some guy's 300C estate getting washed at the same time (no, this was not fixed for the photo, they really washed them like that!) Have to say, the 300C does look good, but compared to my monster wheeled S211, it's a pu55y! :D
  9. del320

    Jist washed mah kilt an' ah cannae dae a fling wi' it...

    Yes, it's that time of year - the annual St Andrew's Night Officer's Mess Dinner in the Great Hall at Edinburgh Castle (always held on the nearest Friday to 30/11) And what better way to confirm another year older and fatter than the traditional palaver of the dummy run to ensure the damn...
  10. KNU7S

    Credit crunch... I washed my own cars today!

    Usualy I pop on down the the Eastern European car wash and have the cars cleaned inside and out the range rover costs £15 and the A class £10. Today i decided to wash them myself somthing i have not done for 2 years! So after £50 spent on cleaning products and 2 hours later this is the...
  11. del320

    The wife's just washed mah kilt...

    ... an' ah cannae dae a fling wi' it. :rolleyes: Yes folks, it's that time of year when I risk liver failure. For some years I've been fortunate enough to be invited to the Officer's Mess St Andrews Dinner in the Great Hall at Edinburgh Castle. Resplendent with a military band on the...
  12. tudu

    Washed, Clayed, Polished and Waxed

    Hi All Detailed my car today took 8 hours. Used the following : Meguiars Gold Class Car Wash " " Easy Clay " " Orbital Polisher " " 2 x Polishing velcro pads 2 x finishing velcro pads " " step 1 - Deep crystal paint cleaner " " Step 2 - Deep crystal...
  13. rallye_turtle

    Freshly washed CLK 230k

    Hi guys and girls, Decided to give the CLK a wash today. Polished her up with some Auto Glym Resin polish, seems to do the trick I think. Some mods planned for the near future, will keep you lot updated ;)
  14. T

    Engine washed - engine misfiring?

    Hi, I had my car engine jet washed yesterday by a carwash garage. They took the plastic top off the engine but the injectors were covered with the foam padding thing. The car ran fine when I drove it home, but this morning it ran really strange, it sounded like one piston wasnt firing. It...
  15. Howard

    Anyone washed their car today ?

    From Metcheck ... :rolleyes: ' No doubt a few of you thought today was a great day to wash the car.... well, prepare to wash it again in a few days time. The reason? Dust. A large dust cloud is currently over Spain and is heading towards the UK carried on the thermal plume this weekend...
  16. ADY1983

    Washed, Clayed, Waxed...

    Finally got round to washing claying and waxing, I had to fill up so while I was there I popped into Tesco underground car park…;) Just in time too as it just started to rain as I pulled out of the car park…:rolleyes: Just got to get the front bumper resprayed and the insert back to...
  17. F

    Who washed their car today (New Years Eve)

    So who washed their pride and joy today so that it looks nice and clean and shiny for the New Year? I spent 4hrs today washing mine and did the under body/arches as well to wash off the dreaded salt/grit. Soon after I had finished and parked it in the garage it started to rain. :D AT...
  18. M

    CLK washed and DiamondBrited!

    Hi All, Have just finished applying some Diamondbrite and I promised that I would post some pics so... I think it has done quite a good job on 6 year old paintwork! Mac.
  19. sportyreptile

    Washed the car, but wish I hadn't!

    Working from home this morning when the power went off :rolleyes: . It's fairly sunny so I thought I'd give the motor a good wash. It looks lovely from 10 feet away but getting closer I can see flecks of "dust" ( i think cement dust or something) in the paint. Went over it again with...
  20. Z

    My C200 Coupe, Washed and Lookin PURTY!!!

    Let me know what you think!!!! Zishan
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