1. A

    Mercedes washer jet adjustment tool

    Hi, Does anybody know where I can obtain a Mercedes washer jet adjustment tool like the one shown in this picture? Alternatively, is it possible to adjust the washer jets using an ordinary pin? Thanks,
  2. J

    How does washer pump work ?

    So I've a few issues but working through them slowly. One is washer pump. Motor is fine as I've bench tested it. I've got 12v on the two pump wires. But when I press the stalk nothing happens. How does the switch actually work ? If there is constantly 12v to it. .
  3. F

    S124 Estate Rear Washer Reservoir grommet

    So on refilling the rear wash reservoir all the fluid fell out as the grommet/gasket under the pump is perished. Is this part available or do I need to buy a new reservoir or pump?
  4. G

    slk 32amg, sl55amg supercharger washer and pulley size?

    Hi guys does anyone have a spare washer of the slk 32 or 55 supercharger pulley they can sell to me (cant get off mercedes seperate- have to buy the whole pulley unit) also might be a daft question is this a 65mm pulley that came on the car?
  5. PhilG

    W219 Headlamp washer mechanism

    I went to my local car wash, used scores of times before, and came out with a broken headlamp washer mechanism and no cover. I have no idea how this happened but whatever. Went back to the car wash and managed to get the cover back. I've got a new mechanism ready to go in, looks like this...
  6. bh13coupe

    c207/w212 headlamp washer replacement

    Hi Guys After my thread on the requirement of the headlamp washers to pass an MOT, I have another question. In order to fit the replacement washer unit. is this a bumper off job or can the unit be accessed via the wheel well? I am already peeved about having to replace the unit, the...
  7. M

    W163 washer nozzles

    I've a 54 plate ML270CDI. I've been trying to source washer nozzles for the windscreen as they seem blocked or badly adjusted. There are three of them and they are a weird style - flat with no pin-adjustable 'ball bearings' common with other models. I'm able to remove them and I've cleaned...
  8. F

    Pressure washer

    Afternoon, my first post (other than my hello in the newbie section) so not sure if it should be here or in the detailing section. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations as to what pressure washer would be good for washing the car with the option of getting a snow foam lance as an...
  9. Bobby Dazzler

    W164 ML headlamp washer broken in freezing conditions

    This morning there was a fairly thick frost, and the car had been parked outside overnight. I pushed the headlamp wash button without thinking, when it didn't spray I gulped and hoped there was no damage. This evening driving home I hit the button again to test if there was any damage and...
  10. R

    E350 W211 Estate Rear Washer not working

    Afternoon, I've seen that this is a fairly common problem and could be that the water pipe has detached somewhere in the boot area (on the drivers side?) but I'm not sure how to remove the side trim panels, any pointers please? I have the additional seats in the boot which could make it...
  11. J

    Windscreen washer jet adjustment tool

    Evening folks, the search function disappears just as I bring it up so apologies if this is covered elsewhere. So, the windscreen wash jets on my 14 plate 220 are adjusted way too low, even when stationary. just figured out today that there is a tool for adjusting these. Anyone know if this...
  12. David404

    Pressure Washer

    Looking at Nilfisk washers as below for general car/caravan/driveway washing duties: C110 C120 C130 There's a big price jump from the C110/C120 to the C130 any thoughts on the relative merits of these models??? Initial use a snow foam.
  13. A

    pressure washer

    hi all hope everyone is having a good xmas just had a new pressure washer for xmas its a vax and i want to get a snow foam lance can't find the adaptor for a vax machine just wondering if anyone can though any light on it cheers andy
  14. tommyboy40

    2005 C215 Headlight washer replacement

    Hi All, I'm missing a headlight washer which is an MOT failure over here. I have the new part but has anyone any idea how to get at it? It's not simply the nozzle, it's the complete assembly.
  15. JLR1969

    Pressure Washer advice needed

    So it's time to buy a new pressure washer as the current one is not working as it should. I have narrowed it down to two models a Karcher and a Nilfisk It will mainly be used for the car but on occasion will be used on the patio etc They are both similar in price, anyone have any comments...
  16. P

    W124 head light wiper washer nozzles.

    Hi, I am in urgent need of a small item [!!!] - I am looking for the washer jets, or nozzles, that are fitted under the headlight wiper arms on a 1991 W124 260E. Some little b###ard has pulled the two jets from both my headlight wipers, and now there is only the rubber feed tubes flapping about...
  17. optimusprime

    Spare W126 washer jets

    Hi i have just purchased these washer jets for a W126 from a member on the forum .Thinking they would fit my W124 but on fiting them the hole is to large these are now up for sale. Looking for £25 free post.
  18. optimusprime

    W126 washer jets in chrome

    Need as set of window washer jets in chrome to fit the Mercedes W126 ...
  19. ivandraganov

    Pro pressure washer

    Hi everyone,as per title needed for patio clean,car wash ect.So many models don't know which to go for...
  20. Ted

    Pressure Washer

    No idea if it is any good - but this came through today. May be worth a punt - offer for today only.
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