1. P

    Screen washers won't switch off

    Hi, my 2005 SL350 developed an odd issue, driving along on a lovely dry day the screen washers came on permanently and would only stop after switching the car off and removing the fuse. I have striped the operating stalk and they still stay on, even with this dismantled and no sliding activators...
  2. G

    Washers W212

    I have had my2010 E350 for few months now and have never topped up the washers? Still working obviously but I am waiting to see if I get a low level warning.... does it have this function? The suspense is killing me :crazy:
  3. Lennox

    Power washers

    Right my wee faithful cheap Nilfisk power washer has died. What do I replace it with?? Parent dropped off a B&Q own brand one to tide me over but I let was junk. Looking at a new Karcher K5???? I use snow foam so an attachment for that is a must. Think the Karcher now has a button in...
  4. S

    Washers, etc, fault.

    I would be grateful for some help with a problem I have with my 1994 sl500. I last used the car a couple of weeks ago and I then had windscreen washers. Just been out and found that I have no windscreen washers, headlamp washers and no headlight flash. I still have wipers, main beam and...
  5. H

    Headlamp Washers

    Has anyone noticed MB appear to be doing away with headlamp washing systems on new vehicles, I wonder why ?
  6. Bazfaldo

    The reason your headlight washers don't work

    I noticed my headlight washer squirter's were not working, I hardly ever use them anyway. I checked the forums first and many people said check fuses ETC. All looked good. When pressing the button I did notice a very faint dim to the instrument cluster so assumed the power was good to the...
  7. Brian 1

    Power washers

    Is it ok to use these, can the pressure damage anything? Thanks.....
  8. E

    rain neutralising shampoo and high pressure washers

    This maybe a silly question, as I've recently purchase an Eclass with starguard. However now that i will be washing the car, can i use the after care products like rain neutralising shampoo with high pressure washers, or should i stick to a bucket and sponge? Answers & advice please as i'm a...
  9. A

    270 clk headlamp washers

    Hello there fellow members. I have a 55 plate clk 270 cdi. I was wondering if my model has headlamp washers fitted? It has 2 places under each headlamp that look as though a washer could pop out of it.
  10. M

    no wipers or washers new switch fitted

    hi all got a bit of a problem with my 2002 clk 3.2 i know this is a regular fault with c208 209 etc the wipers and washers were only working when they felt like all other functions indicators main beam were fine it so checked all relays fuses etc no joy so bought a new combination switch...
  11. rosie5golf

    Headlamp washers

    Hi, can anyone explain how I get my head lamp washers to work ? I assume the lights need to be on but pushing the washer button does not make the work. Any ideas please ?
  12. B Evans

    Screen washers

    Gents WE have a 2012 SLK with only 25k on the clock, the screen washers wont squirt out water, there is water/fluid in the tank, I can hear the pump whirl but alas no water. I have cleared the ends of the tubes with a pin just in case but I dont think a blockage would affect both wipers. Has...
  13. K

    Screen washers

    hi all I have a 2008 c class when I turn on my washer jets the water trickles out can any one help is it the pump r the pipes it's really bugging me don't know were to start looking I can hear the pump when I press the stalk but the water just trickles out
  14. D

    W205 / S205 - No Headlight Washers

    Just read that the LED units dont have headlight washers now. Some rule about if less than 2000 lumen output there is no requirement now. Seems a bit of a backward step, more so for beam dazzle and winter driving. :confused:
  15. C

    W209 CLK headlight washers not working

    hi all, got a strange problem with my headlight washer system, they dont work when i press the button so took the washer pump out tested it on a 12v psu and it worked, put a meter on the car washer connector and noticed it has a constant 12v then increased to 15v when the button was pressed. i...
  16. S

    W203 Wipers & washers

    Have had a problem on an '02 C180 estate for a while now that the washers would only work intermittently, on Friday, I bit the bullet and went for a delve under the inner wing to check for power to the pump. When the button was pressed, nothing, and the wipers had quit too. Dodgy combi switch...
  17. Millarcontracts

    C220 w204 Head light washers

    Hey I don't know if this would be the right section for this My 08 c220 w204 head light washers doesn't seem to close right down in as sweet as they used to (sitting up a little up) I was wondering has anyone had this problem? Is there any way I can lift them up to scoot wd40 in to see if it...
  18. BIG_G_1979

    headlamp washers w211

    Hi guys it have found my water leak it's coming from a headlight washer it's performs as it should but water still gently flows out after use and then drains the washer bottle. Does anyone know if I can replace the seals? Or is it a sealed unit
  19. T

    Combination Switch (S4) - Windshield Washers not working

    Hi All, MOT was failed today and i was told this has to be replaced. Please any suggestions on where to buy a Combination Switch (S4) for a CLK "w209" 55 Reg? Thanks, T
  20. Teshie

    Headlight washers

    Still haven't sorted the vibration issue I have with my car (w221 s320 2008) but I've discovered another anomaly......headlight washers don't work or the car hasn't got them Do they come standard or is it an option?
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