1. J

    Financial watchdog to investigate car leasing market

    WatchDog RAC Scam....

    BBC1 WatchDog now....RAC battery Scam....
  3. merc85

    Competition Watchdog ECP, Andrew Page

    Only because it's of interest to me, Humm wonder whats going on there :confused: COMPETITION WATCHDOG TO INVESTIGATE ANDREW PAGE TAKEOVER | CAT Magazine | CAT Magazine
  4. bob6600

    Watchdog tonight 20:00 BBC 1

    Heads up. Synopsis shows they investigate the car repair industry. May be of interest to some

    Watchdog electronic key coding issue...

    Did anyone see Watchdog last night? I know it isn't new news regarding key coding to steal vehicles, but if I owned the brands mentioned I would be worried...
  6. markmifsud

    Watchdog tonight

    Just started watching via Sky+ and they are covering the recall of the 2014 C Class
  7. R

    Watchdog 16/Oct - W205 C Class recall

    Watching it now..
  8. KillerHERTZ

    Petrol to go up 4ppl?

    BBC News - Petrol price 'may go up 4p' as retailers urge review :wallbash::wallbash::wallbash: Also, this time last year the difference between Petrol & Diesel was only around 5p, now its 9p a litre :doh:
  9. sinewave

    Fat 'Mechanic' on Watchdog!

    Class act! :rolleyes:
  10. developer

    The Watchdog Expert Surveyor

    Doing the roofing feature on Watchdog now, Barry Cross, does all my surveys for me :thumb:. Boring but true.
  11. whitenemesis

    Mercedes on BBC1 Watchdog tonight 8pm

    Just heard the trailer not sure exactly what but "It could be expensive to drive with Mercedes" ....
  12. Barryh

    Watchdog last night -Alloy wheels

    Featured BMW owners who had cracked alloys.Their argument was that the wheels should be up to the job.i.e not cracking under the strain of a pothole-so common on todays roads.BMW are not willing to replace under warranty. I too have had the same with my 18 inch wheels on w211 and MB are same...
  13. Parrot of Doom

    FYI - watchdog For information purposes only.
  14. pammy

    Ebay on Watchdog

    ....saying they're going to ban Western Union type sales. One to watch methinks ;)
  15. pammy

    TTG on Watchdog

    right now! :eek: And I know where they are coming from! Jane's not doing too well for us atm :rolleyes: PC World ended up giving the woman her money back for what seems to be TTG nav prob's :crazy: Jane made some serous mistakes when we were in Cambridgshire recently - only saving...
  16. Benzowner


    Anyone see Watchdog last night regarding the updating of driving licences, a bit worrying. Many people have, for one reason or another, needed to change their old paper driving licences to a photo type plastic ones. Many of the licenses are sent out with groups missing, and it is the onus of the...
  17. Steve_Perry

    Anyone just see Watchdog? 02/12/03 @7pm

    Seems that if you have a Smart with toughened glass roof that they are prone to shatter/self destruct without warning. DaimlerChrysler aren't too forthcoming at fixing the problem under warranty either :rolleyes: Anyone remember the old issue of exploding...
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