1. Giantvanman

    Name a film you have watched at least….

    …five times but still enjoy. Very few fit this criteria but a recent one for me is, "What We Did On Our Holiday" with Rosamund Pike, David Tenant etc. The trailer does not do the film justice. JUY23_cfI4o
  2. N

    So I watched this lady top up her oil.

    BBC2 21.00 Tonight - All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

    Duplicate post

    BBC2 21.00 Tonight - All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

    BBC - BBC Two Programmes - All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace, Love and Power "A series of films about how humans have been colonised by the machines they have built. Although we don't realise it, the way we see everything in the world today is through the eyes of the computers."...
  5. nick.ged

    just watched top gear...

    well, same old format, but wow what cars, the sls is amazing, the ferrari is sexy and the porche looks like a Porch !
  6. The Boss

    Apprentice - You're fired! - watched it live tonight

    My other half treated me to a very nice surprise.. the live filming of the apprentice you're fired.. to be broadcast on Wednesday night. was a great evening and I highly recommend it to any one Tickets are free from - Anyways.. if you want a face to avatar, im on the...
  7. smillion

    Spiderman on Bluray - watched once

    £15 + postage at cost - g'teed next day delivery PM me Thanks
  8. Alfie

    We are being watched!

    It would appear that we are being watched on levels unlike any other in the world!
  9. NW_Merc

    Check this out, for those who watched the popular tv series Knight Rider
  10. scotth_uk

    Anyone watched The Green Wing?

    Has anyone else been watching "The Green Wing" on Fridays - Channel 4. The season is finished now, but all episodes can be downloaded over at the excellent website. Have almost lost bladder control on many occasions. I have been trying to tell people about it for a while and no-one...
  11. M

    Has anyone watched the cannon ball run video

    My brothers got a wicked video of the 2003 cannon ball run video through Europe. Woundered if anyone here has wathched it and what they thought? :confused:
  12. pluggers

    Who watched Top Gear

    Saw the show tonight,Just got home from work as they were showing the SLR.Very nice (i'd have one if it were given to me,Im not fussy about plastic dash facias):cool: Spotted you and your lady Maff, right out front for the cameras eh.What d'you reckon to the nissan burnout car?Did you get to...
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