1. d w124

    Any benefit street watchers here

    Here is your chance to buy Kingston Road sign :D Benefits street Kingston Road sign | eBay
  2. KillerHERTZ

    eBay Watchers?

    As you may know, I have my car for sale on eBay, its been on there for a couple of days now, couple of queries - possible viewing this weekend. However, its up to 46 'watchers' and its a classified ad, not an auction. Is it normal to get so many watchers? Im not understanding the logic...
  3. trapperjohn

    Help required from 124 watchers.

    I have a feeling this was on ebay about 10 days ago as a "non runner spares or repair" Anyone spot it? I think it "sold" at around £650. Had a duff fuel pump apparently. Many thanks CHEERS
  4. imadoofus

    eBay Watchers?

    Is it usual to get lots of watchers on eBay? I've (for the first time ever) listed eight items on eBay, and within four hours I've got the follwing: Item 1 = 11 watchers Item 2 = 6 watchers Item 3 = 1 watcher Item 4 = 8 watchers Item 5 = 4 watchers Item 6 = 5 watchers Item 7 = 5...
  5. scruffy

    Dragons Den - any watchers

    fascinating - in a slightly cringeing kind of way. BBC2 tues
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